Alien, the best-selling fragrance from Thierry Mugler, is taking the spotlight again with an exceptional Collector’s Edition #WeAreAllAlien and a series of films.

Through Alien, our individuality is illuminated, that which makes us unique, yet inspires our quest for uniqueness. Alien embodies a luminous beauty, for it shines with glorified differences that gives a special glow to every beauty that wears it.


The Colours of Emotions

This limited edition Alien bottle becomes a prism of endless colourful hues with limitless iridescent intensities. Countless reflections bounce off the intricately carved edges of the glass creating an explosion of colour.

At the cutting edge of technical mastery, MUGLER melds an advanced manufacturing process with an uncommon artistic vision. Each collector’s bottle has undergone an industrial process called Random Interactive Lacquering that has never been used before in the luxury perfume industry.

Five colours are randomly applied simultaneously to create infinite combinations. Each bottle spins independently while being coated, resulting in a finished product that has its own unique personality.

Alien is a tribute to diversity, an invitation to another world, the unknown and the fascinating. For we are, by nature, fascinated with the unknown. Standing both as many, and as one. Prisms for all light. Each We Are All Alien Collector bottle is deeply personal.

Random Interactions and Endless Combinations

MUGLER selected five equally captivating colours for this unique finish:
Purple: Like the original amethyst, it captivates, soothes and awakens a feeling of strength
Pink: A colour that promotes tranquillity and softness, it brings optimism and tenderness
Orange: The bearer of joy, orange is the colour of creativity, impulse and desire
Green: A colour that epitomises hope and tolerance, green soothes and calms the mind
Blue: Majestic, blue makes us feel serene and introspective, like an invitation to reflect.

Olfactory Signature

Alien is worn like a luminous jasmine signature. Two overdoses combining to create its vibrant, captivating fragrance trail. Sambac jasmine, a flower of the sun by nature, radiates the scent. And wild intoxicating white amber intermingles with casherman, a woody yet surreal ingredient.