Apple just unveiled their next generation of watches, the Series 4. As a part of the brand’s continued collaboration with Hermès, this Autumn will bring about five new Apple x Hermès models.

While the timepieces have a traditional face (numbered dial and rotating minute and hour hands) that ticks as though the inner workings are all bits and mechanical bobs, the Series 4 is anything but analog. Crafted entirely of ceramic and sapphire crystal, its speakers are now 50 percent louder (all the better for the new walkie-talkie app) and its face is 35 percent larger—but the watch size remains the same. Consider it an Apple-engineered optical illusion. This means more clarity when dictating emails and texts and more screen space for emojis, fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and all other reasons you rely on your smartwatch.

Apple Watch Hermès with Orange, Craie, Indigo Single Tour, $1,249

Along with a new Hermès-designed interface (see the elegant, heirloom-like face), the collaboration brings two new cases and five watch bands, which are crafted with Hermès’s supple leathers and meticulous top stitching. Options include single and double tours (or bands) that shift in color like an ombré. One version blends a dusty rose hue into a Bordeaux red, while another alters from Hermès-orange to chalky-white to indigo. This movement of color is also mimicked in the actual clock: as the minute hand circles, the color of your Apple Watch will rotate. Eventually, you may be able tell the time based on the shade of your timepiece—think of it as an artful (and supremely hi-tech) alternative to the sundial.

Apple Watch Hermès with Rose Extreme, Rose Azalee, Bordeaux Double Tour, $1,399

Images: Apple / Vogue