Russian Standard vodka wins Ethiopian Airlines listing

Russian Standard vodka wins Ethiopian Airlines listing

Russian Standard is set to become the only vodka available on flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines.

Russian Standard Vodka will be served on board all flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines

Following a “competitive pitch”, Russian Standard will become the exclusive vodka brand served on Ethiopian Airlines flights.

Elina Fruin, managing director for global travel retail at Roust, said: “In July 2018 we are celebrating the 20th anniversary since the launch of the first Russian premium vodka Russian Standard.

“The Ethiopian Airlines win, alongside other major tender wins, contributes to Russian Standard’s global success as it celebrates Russian Standard expansion to the African market.”

The deal means that Ethiopian Airlines is the 15th major international airline to serve Russian Standard Vodka on board or as part of its in-flight duty free offering.

Russian Standard’s deal with Ethiopian Airlines follows a similar move from the brand to see its expressions served to passengers in economy and first class on board flights operated by Emirates airlines.

Emirates Airlines names Russian Standard as its onboard Vodka

Ethiopian Airlines is Ethiopia’s flagship airline, carrying more than seven million passengers each year. The airlines serves more than 100 international destinations including Frankfurt, London, and San-Paulo.

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