Following the launch of RyeLaw Fife Single Grain Scotch Whisky in April 2023, the cutting-edge InchDairnie Distillery, located in the heart of Fife, has now expanded into Travel Retail.

RyeLaw is the result of years of meticulous planning by distillery founder Ian Palmer, and this new luxurious whisky is set to delight discerning drinkers across the globe. The distillery’s much anticipated first release is the world’s only precision distilled, malted rye Scotch whisky and is available now, priced 124,90€ (70cl,46.3% ABV) at Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Vienna airport.

Driven by flavour, InchDairnie Distillery takes a multi-dimensional approach, using innovative materials, methods and maturation practices to create an incredibly balanced rye, unlike any other Scotch Whisky. These include:

· 53% malted rye and 47% malted barley ground extra finely for maximum flavour extraction.

· Cereals are mashed using a Meura mash filter, one of only two used in Scotland.

· Fermented using a rye-specific yeast, which results in lower yields, but enhanced flavour.

· Double distilled in pot stills – not continuous distillation – the second distillation taking place in a bespoke Lomond Hill still (it is the only precision distilled malted rye Scotch whisky)

· Matured in charred new oak casks, that can be traced back to forests in the Ozark Mountains, USA.

· As an annual vintage, a limited number of bottles of RyeLaw will be released every year. Only 200 casks of the ‘year one vintage’ have been bottled and made available worldwide.

· Presented in an elegant tall bottle designed by Chic in Paris.

Managing Director and Founder of InchDairnie Distillery, Ian Palmer (pictured above) commented that “RyeLaw’s launch into European Travel Retail has been a major milestone for the InchDairnie team. We are looking forward to building on this partnership with Heinemann for many years to come, particularly with the release of our InchDairnie 12 Year Old Single Malt in 2029.”

Bastian-Philipp Müller, Head of Buying Spirits at Gebr. Heinemann said: “Our goal is to consistently surprise travellers with high-quality, hard-to-find products, that add to our spectacular assortment. The RyeLaw Fife Single Grain Scotch is undoubtedly unique in its quality and its distinctive market position. We’re excited to join forces with Ian and his team of whisky enthusiasts, who share the same level of passion as we do to make this product a standout success in the travel retail space.”

Since first launch in Spring 2023, InchDairnie Distillery has secured distribution in a number of domestic markets, been awarded Newcomer of the Year with RyeLaw at the 2023 Scottish Whisky Awards and is currently in the process of expanding the distillery with a vision to double capacity in the coming years

Official Tasting Notes:

Colour: Golden

Aroma: Distinguished rye spiciness mingling with mellow oak above a soft layer of vanilla

Flavour: Cascading pepper from the rye caressingly wrapped in mouth-coating, oily viscosity and sweet biscuity, cereal and dried fruit notes