With the highly-anticipated opening of Singapore Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4 (T4), The Shilla Duty Free is proud to be a part of the airport’s first integrated duty-free zone where travellers will get to enjoy a seamless walkthrough duty-free shopping experience.

After passing through the centralised area for departure immigration, travellers will be greeted with their favourite brands of cosmetics and fragrances, as well as wines and spirits, which they will be able to purchase in a single transaction in the integrated duty-free zone operated by Changi Airport’s two core duty-free categories – Cosmetics and Perfumes and Liquor and Tobacco.

The Shilla Duty Free’s new T4 main store, at 1,375 square metres, is the biggest among all the Shilla Central stores at Changi Airport. The high ceilings and spaciousness allows for more creativity in the designs of the brand counters. Large digital screens have been incorporated into the walls and pillars, in order to amplify the key branding messages and promotions.

The store layout, with its four distinct zones, is designed to make the shopping journey seamless and uninterrupted, as it features spacious pathways and an easy access to a wide assortment of products.

From the main entrance after immigration, travellers will be greeted with beautiful displays of cosmetics. As shoppers journey on, they will enter the skincare zone which carries internationally renowned brands, followed by a thoughtfully curated zone where they will be introduced to a range of brands known for their artisanal, organic approach to beauty. The last zone, featuring fragrances, will immerse travellers in the romance of perfumery.

“We are thrilled to present Shilla’s new seamless retail format to travellers. The entire store has been tailored with our shoppers in mind, as we try to understand the consumer psyche and focus on building a great experience for each one of them. Whether it is the joy of browsing through the different segmented zones that pique their interest, or discovery of their favourite brands that are not readily available downtown, or the exclusive promotions, we are confident that shoppers will always have a pleasant and enjoyable time at our store,” says Ms Raelene Johnson, Vice President of Global Merchandising Division, The Shilla Duty Free.

In line with its dedication to expand the travel retail assortment for travellers, The Shilla Duty Free will bring in new brands not currently offered at other terminals, such as Hera, diptyque, Alexander McQueen, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and Bath & Body Works.

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