Introducing the new 2015 Sisley sun care collection. Four new products to protect you from the sun and perfect your tan.

Renowned throughout the world for the quality of its results and its exceptional textures, this year the Sisley sun care range includes a collection of four new products, which have retained the very best of the previous formulas:

• Sun care expertise, sensory textures, skin-enhancing properties, a radiant and long-lasting tan, suitability for all skin types (men/women).

However, they now benefit from breakthroughs in anti-ageing research that allow them to provide fully optimised protection with:

• Sunleÿa G.E. hi-tech solar filters,
• new active treatment ingredients to protect skin cells and their DNA,
• water-resistant formulas that leave no white traces.

RESULTS: The skin is ideally protected from photo-ageing. The appearance of signs of ageing (wrinkles and dark spots) is slowed down. Nourished and moisturised, the skin is beautiful and luminous and perfectly prepared for an even long-lasting tan.

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