A bolder iteration of the original scent, the new GREY VETIVER PARFUM is inspired by Tom Ford’s impeccable tailoring and styling.

A trio of sustainably sourced, sunlit vetivers exudes intense radiance – as fresh orange blossom gives way to saffron, the world’s most expensive spice, adding a nuanced luster. GREY VETIVER PARFUM elicits the essence of debonair masculinity, merging natural, sustainably sourced vetiver with warm orange flower and rich spices.

“If you go into our stores, grey is the color of the packaging, our carpets, and our walls; in a sense it’s the Tom Ford color. The idea was to convey a cool, silvery, very refined vetiver.” -TOM FORD

TOM FORD GREY VETIVER PARFUM is available now at World Duty Free.