The Andy Warhol Foundation and Bric’s present the idea of Travel as Art, expression of the value of the rediscovered relationships, transformed into a Limited Edition Collection of Trolleys and Duffles, to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Bric’s.

The new exclusive Bric’s Limited Edition Collection and Andy Warhol’s work therefore merge into a single iconic material, giving life to a design product perfectly integrated into the contemporary value system and recognizable in the eternal present of art.

Travel as Art is the Limited Edition Collection Andy Warhol x Bric’s. Andy Warhol’s Art blends perfectly with the products: Trolleys and
Duffles, feature the prints of the highly iconic Works of Andy Warhol (1928-1987), an avid global traveler during his lifetime, and embellished by his stamp signature, capable of amplifying the emotions related to travel.

For the Limited Edition, Bric’s selects two masterpieces of Andy Warhol’s creativity, Flowers and Marilyn, and makes unique two of the company’s highest representative collections, Bellagio and Firenze.

The Bellagio trolley is made of recycled polycarbonate, a lightweight, flexible, ultra-durable material, with 4 swivel wheels and real leather finishes, and is offered in three must have sizes: cabin, medium and large.

The Firenze bag, available in two sizes, is made in Italy with a an expertly crafted leather-effect material, it’s water-resistant and embellished with genuine leather details: practicality and high resistance combined with a concept of elegance out of the ordinary time.

To celebrate the 70-year history of the Como-based company, the Limited Edition Collection Travel as Art will be made in only 1952 pieces for the subject Marilyn and in 1952 for the subject Flower: 1952 as the year of foundation of the company.

The complete collection will be available from November in the Bric’s Stores, in highly selected international and online stores – and