Tutti Twilly is the free and daring spirit of the Hermès girls. This new Twilly reveals their multi-faceted nature. One girl. All the girls. Tutti Twilly!

Twilly is the sharp wit of a generation venturing along new paths to reinvent the strength of tradition. More than just one girl, here come the Hermès girls… Each in her own way, each in her own style, and everybody Tutti Twilly!

Joyful, free-spirited and daring, the Hermès girls are many, and the Tutti Twilly Eau de Parfum unites them all.

Created by Christine Nagel for the Hermès girls. Tutti Twilly is a generous Eau de Parfum brought to life by sweet ginger blossom, mellow lychee and enveloping musk.

Designed by Florence Manlik, the lantern-shaped bottle has a square silhouette, adorned with an inverted lychee-red color graduation. With a final flourish, a hand-tied silk ribbon playfully embellishes the cap of each bottle designed by Carine Brancowitz. Each silk ribbon is unique.

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