Vecchia Romagna, has announced a deal that will see Italy’s leading brandy, founded in 1820, available at Le Clos, luxury wine and spirits retailer, in Dubai Airport with its exclusive Riserva 18 and Riserva Anniversario editions.

An Italian brown spirit infused with the passion, craftsmanship and savoir-faire of the Maestro who makes it, Vecchia Romagna brings its drinker on a sensory journey where they are encouraged to truly savour the moment and live the emotions it evokes to their fullest potential.

Le Clos, the award-winning fine wine and luxury spirits retailer with 10 stores in Dubai DXB, will be selling Riserva 18 and Riserva Anniversario in exclusivity and it’s the first outlet in the region that will showcase these two limited-edition ranges.

“We are incredibly excited to partner up with such a prestigious partner” says Francesco Scaglione, Director of the International Division at Gruppo Montenegro “Le Clos is a synonym of luxury, exclusiveness and excellence and we couldn’t think of a better outlet to represent us in Dubai Airport and the UAE and we are proud to be part of their incredible portfolio as their only Italian brandy”.

“At Le Clos, we pride ourselves on our reputable range of the world’s rarest and precious wine and spirits and we are thrilled to partner with Vecchia Romagna to extend this, with their exquisite expressions as our first luxury Italian brandy.” Mike Glen, Managing Director, Le Clos.

Vecchia Romagna Riserva 18 is the latest limited-edition release from the world-renowned Italian brandy, 18 years of pure emotion with an expertly selected blend of spirits aged for a minimum of 18 years in precious French oak barriques and large Slavonian oak casks. It is refined in barrels that have previously been used to make the prestigious Italian red wine, Amarone Della Valpolicella. Vecchia Romagna Riserva 18 is presented in the brand’s iconic triangular bottle, representing the three key elements of its trademark production: mastery, perfection, and craftsmanship. It is encased within a midnight blue, custom-designed presentation box, embellished with the brand’s signature design in embossed silver. A certificate stating the unique serial number of the bottling is included in each box, which will go from 1-5000 for this first release.

Riserva Anniversario is the result of the blending of 5 individually selected casks that stretch as far back as 1952. This resulted in a blend with unsurpassed elegance and complexity, encased in a uniquely designed bespoke crystal decanter with only 200 existing pieces and created exclusively for Vecchia Romagna by the Salviati company of Murano, Venice. The iconic triangular masterwork offers a visual representation of the Vecchia Romagna method that uniquely brings together the three key elements – distillation, ageing and blending used since 1820.

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