eco-responsible duty-free

Lagardère Travel Retail, in partnership with Geneva International airport, has announced the opening of the world’s first eco-responsible store in the Aelia Duty Free network.

This pilot is an evolution of the Aelia Duty Free concept and has been designed to embed high standards of sustainability, from store materials and furnishings up to the product offering. It also features a pop-up developed in partnership with the United Nations’ Perception Change Project to raise passengers’ awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Lagardère Travel Retail is committed to playing a leading role in creating a more sustainable future, and we are working very closely with our partners to achieve our mutual CSR ambitions. We have turned theory into action in partnership with Geneva International airport by converting the Aelia Duty Free concept to eco-responsibility across all aspects, from the materials we use in store up to the products we sell.

Exceeding environmental regulations, we are committed to achieving a 40% reduction in the carbon footprint of furniture and POS materials. To do this we have partnered with MEDIA 6, a specialised manufacturer which developed the Eco-logic carbon calculator. This tool has been used to set tangible emissions targets for the pilot store. A life-cycle assessment based on the 3Rs (Reduce/Re-Use/Recycle) approach to tackle resource efficiency and waste management has driven the eco-design of the store. We have significantly reduced the number of raw materials used and focused on metal and certified wood materials, both being easier to recycle.

The store is located in the airport’s brand new East Wing, which is a major milestone of the airport terminal infrastructure and has been developed to meet the highest standards of energetic performance, using advanced technologies.

The store has officially been inaugurated on Thursday 3rd March, with the attendance of André Schneider, CEO of Geneva Airport, and of Frédéric Chevalier, COO of Lagardère Travel Retail for EMEA.

Commenting on this announcement, Pascal le Droff, CEO Lagardère Travel Retail Switzerland, said: “Lagardère Travel Retail Switzerland is proud to share this ambitious and innovative commercial project, carried out in perfect collaboration with the airport teams and Lagardère Travel Retail’s local and central teams. Our eco-responsible store and its environmental and ethical engagement create a lot of enthusiasm, which goes beyond just a new Duty Free store opening. Finally, I would like to thank all people who have contributed to this opening, which symbolizes our commitment to sustainable development.”

André Schneider, CEO of Geneva International Airport, also said: “We are happy to have found in Lagardère Travel Retail Switzerland like-minded partners who are equally committed to deliver a sense of responsibility and purpose to passengers at Geneva airport. Our efforts to create the airport’s East Wing to become a high energy performance building sets high standards across the aviation industry and we are proud to see these translated into the commercial offer. Through close collaboration and shared values we have been able to develop a pioneering store which is the perfect example of how our industry can play its part in creating a more sustainable future.”

Supporting responsible buying choices with the “We Care, We Do” approach

Consumers are increasingly concerned with the ethical and environmental credentials of the products they buy. Responding to their expectations, Aelia Duty Free commits to support the responsible buying choices of consumers with the “We Care, We Do” approach. This approach has been designed to support a responsible, sustainable and transparent selection of products into the store, and Lagardère Travel Retail is working with recognized and independent labels and certifications to achieve this. This is the first step in a long-term commitment to ensure the products we sell reflect our CSR commitments and respond to shoppers’ more conscious behaviours.

The new Aelia eco-responsible concept represents an important step on Lagardère Travel Retail’s journey to create a more sustainable future for all. The group’s CSR strategy is articulated around four pillars (Planet. Ethics. People. Social. – also known as PEPS) which are supported by tangible, measurable commitments to track progress. As part of these commitments, Lagardère Travel Retail is developing more consumer-facing initiatives to drive sustainability into the point of sales and further align to consumers’ heightened expectations for responsible consumption. More detail about the group’s CSR roadmap is available here: