Irish whiskey brand Writers’ Tears has released 8,700 bottles of its 2023 Vintage Cask Strength bottling.

This is the 13th edition of the Cask Strength whiskey, produced by Amber Beverage Group-owned Walsh Whiskey.

Bernard Walsh, Writers’ Tears creator and co-founder of Walsh Whiskey, said: “What’s rare is wonderful and triple-distilled cask strength whiskey is just that.

“Rarer still, unique in fact, is a premium blend of aged single pot still, beautifully balanced by aged single malt.

“We take great pride in commending this full-bodied, flavoursome release to whiskey drinkers the world over.”

The 54.8%-ABV liquid is a blend of of triple-distilled, aged single pot still and single malt whiskey, and is non-chill filtered and aged in American oak Bourbon barrels.

Each bottle is individually numbered and carries the signature of Writers’ Tears creator – Bernard Walsh.

On the nose, sweet aromas of crème caramel and wild honey are presented, while the palate contains flavours of salted caramel-dipped almonds, sweet floral notes, roasted hazelnuts.

The finish delivers toasted oak and ginger spice.

The whiskey is available across select markets worldwide, with 1,800 bottles distributed in the US, and 6,900 allocated to markets including Canada, Ireland, France, the UK, South Africa and Asia.