Dior J’adore absolu is the new edition to join Dior’s J’adore collection of fragrances. The flowers of J’adore are nectar. Full of sun, the magnolia absolutes, Grasse’s centifolia rose, Grasse jasmine and sambac jasmine are interwoven and intertwined in a luscious and sensual composition.

Dior J’adore absolu is the new floral nectar from Maison Dior. In a luscious composition, François Demachy mixes fleshy and sensual floral absolutes. The jasmine absolute of Grasse, jasmine sambac, rose and magnolia intertwine with a new freshness: the flowers have the sweetness of a delicious syrup, a sublime nectar, natural and sensual. Dior J’adore absolu is built around the jasmine of Grasse, capricious beauty that you have to know how to wait and pick at the right time, when it releases its most sensual accents.


The history of Absolutes has its roots in flower absolutes. Obtained by extraction, an Haute Parfumerie procedure, absolutes have a deep, sensual and intense facet. Luxuriant and sophisticated, J’adore absolu sublimely enhances the intensity and sensuality of its floral notes in a perfume in which floral absolutes are harmoniously combined: sweet and vibrant Damask rose, seductive and luminous Sambac jasmine, and powerful, voluptuous Indian tuberose.

“The simplicity often hides an extreme sophistication. J’adore is a perfect harmony between former and modern perfumery: the most beautiful essences and natural flower absolutes in a modern writing. No matter how magical it is, J’adore is above all an art of raw material.

“In this composition, I wanted Jasmine to shine with all its intensity. It is animalic, fruity, drenched in sunlight. Swathed in honeyed notes of orange blossom and rose, it reveals lusher, more nectar-like accents.”
François Demachy


In tandem with the new perfume, Dior have created a new advertising campaign, once again featuring actress Charlize Theron as the face of the scent. The famous amphora-like bottle remain and is now adorned with a new “supple, almost fluid necklace, like a delicate jewel dancing around a woman’s neck, following her every movement”.

Dior J’adore absolu is available as a 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum Absolue. Arriving in duty-free stores from late October 2018.