ARMANI dives deep for new Acqua di Gio Profundo edition

ARMANI dives deep for new Acqua di Gio Profundo edition

A new edition of Armani’s Acqua di Gio fragrance for men – this one dives deep into the ocean for its inspiration.

The Acqua di Gio collection by the Giorgio Armani house (Armani Beauty) is expanded with an intense aromatic-marine-fougère edition signed by master parfumer Alberto Morillas.

The newest creation of the house, Acqua di Gio Profondo, is, as announced by the house, a modernized and intensified interpretation of the iconic Acqua di Gio fragrance, created as a celebration of a marine notes in a fusion of sophisticated aromatic essences and woody and salty accords that goes back to the range’s origins: the sea. The refined navy blue color of the bottle pays tribute to Mr. Armani’s most iconic fashion color.

Acqua di Gio Profondo, model Aleksandar Rusić – “Acqua di Giò Profondo is the intense marine interpretation of Acqua di Giò. More than a fragrance, Aqua di Giò Profondo is a captivating deep-dive into the profoundness of the soul, embracing the values of freedom, sensoriality and modern masculinity, revealing an ever more profound dimension.”

Master perfumer Morillas puts in this newest creation for Armani the marine accords right in the opening of the composition. They are the iconic Acqua di Giò marine notes, but modernized with AQUOZONE – a state of the art aquatic molecule for a new dynamic & iodic freshness, while juiciness is created with a blend of bergamot and Brazilian green mandarin. A blend of aromatic essences builds the heart of the fragrance, combining rosemary, lavender, cypress and lentisk absolute, followed with modern effects of mineral amber reflecting the salty depths of the sea, softened with Guatemalan patchouli and an enveloping musk.

Aleksandar Rusić is the new advertising face of the latest Armani release, Acqua di Giò Profondo, and the juice is “encapsulated in the emblematic Acqua di Giò frosted glass bottle, unveiled in an elegant, almost opaque navy blue, echoing the sea depths it captures.”

Acqua di Giò Profondo pays tribute to Giorgio Armani’s most iconic color: navy blue. In his own words “Blue like a dense shadow that expresses sensuality. In its various nuances, it is a liquid color that gives a sense of fluidity and refined elegance.”

The fragrance Acqua Di Giò Profondo will be on sale in duty-free stores soon as a 75ml Eau de Parfum, 125ml Eau de Parfum, and 200ml Eau de Parfum starting mid-February 2020.

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