Armani unveils two new Gioia fragrances for summer

Armani unveils two new Gioia fragrances for summer

After the success of Acqua di Gioia, Giorgio Armani invites us on a new fun journey. Air di Gioia and Sun di Gioia, are the two new Eaux de parfum to join Acqua di Gioia in a collection inspired by natural elements.

In this trilogy the existing Acqua di Gioia, released in 2010, is joined by Air di Gioia and Sun di Gioia. As previewed on Duty Free Hunter (see story).

Gioia: a pleasant word, a jubilant effervescence of body and mind.
A word that just feels good.
A name meaning “joy.” Joy that is serene, genuine, tangible; a joy neither feigned nor fashioned.
A joy that is born of the purity of nature.

Armani’s Trilogy of Joy features perfumes that reference air, water and sun, inviting consumers to connect with nature to #ShareMyJoy. Through a series of short films, Armani delves into the scents’ namesakes, allowing consumers to connect with the notes through the fragrances’ inspirations.


Armani’s print campaign for the trio features model Barbara Palvin on a sandy shore. For Air, her hair falls forward onto her face, pushed by the wind. Sun shows her basking in the glow of daylight.

Air di Gioia, which features saline mixed with patchouli and peony, is presented by zooming in on the movement of the model’s hair, pausing briefly to catch the flight of birds in the distance.

For Sun di Gioia, a combination of bergamote and sambac jasmine, Armani chose to play with shadow, showing the shapes moving across the model’s face as she holds her hand between her and the orb.

In the Acqua di Gioia film, Palvin is captured in the water, either treading water up to her neck or doing a trust fall into the water. This scent has mint, cedarwood, brown sugar and labdanum.






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