Baldessarini freshens up with new Cool Force fragrance

Baldessarini freshens up with new Cool Force fragrance

Baldessarini COOL FORCE is the new men’s fragrance from the brand that ‘separates the men from the boys’ – this new fresh, new edition is styled to appeal to millennial men…

Nothing describes the essence of the brand better than the singular claim “SEPARATES THE MEN FROM THE BOYS” – and this is how the new fragrance COOL FORCE – available in travel retail and domestic outlets from mid-March 2017 – unites the typically masculine intensity of the Baldessarini fragrance with a powerful, energetic freshness.

The Concept

COOL FORCE describes the contrast between freshness and strength. In this sense, the fragrance reflects precisely what drives the ambitious men of today. Theirs is a life full of contrasts: they are expected to be strong and energetic and to demonstrate their masculinity, yet other situations demand cool, daring and style.

Baldessarini COOL FORCE has been created for modern men whose unique character is an inspiration to others. They are fully in command of their luxurious, forward-looking lives, and they always meet the challenges of our times.

The Fragrance

The fragrances by Baldessarini embody uncompromising elegance and have a strong character. They are all united by a distinctive fragrance signature with an unmistakable patchouli note.

Perfumer Vincent Schaller said of the fragrance composition: “I imagined the fragrance to be fresh and watery. Natural aromatic ingredients such as clary sage, cardamom and the marine water accord calone distinguish this special freshness.

“I also wanted COOL FORCE to be masculine, sensual and warm, since it is a Baldessarini fragrance. For this, I used precious woods such as cedarwood, sandalwood and rosewood, combined with aromatic sweet myrtle. Just as an elegant suit completes a man’s outfit, musk, patchouli and Sicilian bergamot add a certain something to COOL FORCE and complete the fragrance.”
COOL FORCE is an aromatic fragrance which revitalises the modern man with a dynamic effervescence and – combined with the typical masculine concentration of a Baldessarini fragrance in the base note – unites freshness and strength in a single composition.

Head note: Bergamot, Cardamom, Myrtle, Rosewood.
Heart note: Water accords, Clary sage, Neroli
Base note: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, Patchouli

The Design

Concrete has become a firm feature not only in architecture but also in interior design. Concrete furnishings and decoration lend a cool, purist and timelessly elegant design. This is also reflected in the packaging of Baldessarini COOL FORCE, the optical and tactile highlight of which is the rough concrete texture on the folded box.

The high-grade bottle made of frosted glass is showcased within the folded box. It feels heavy in the hand of the wearer – its cool elegance is immediately tangible. The bottle and folded box make an impression through pure understatement, coupled with modern elements of current lifestyle trends in the world of men.

The Range

The Baldessarini COOL FORCE fragrance and care products offer a whole new experience of energetic freshness:

Eau de Toilette 50ml
Eau de Toilette 90ml
After Shave Lotion 90ml
Shower Gel 200ml
Deodorant Stick 75ml

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