Bentley’s new Bentayga SUV has its own scent

Bentley’s new Bentayga SUV has its own scent

British automaker Bentley is capturing the adventurous spirit of its Bentayga SUV through scent with the launch of a new fragrance.

Infinite Rush eau du toilette is designed for the man who consistently pushes limits, who might be seen jumping out of a plane or off-roading in Bentley’s first SUV. The cologne will launch exclusively at Harrods from March 8-22, prior to its international debut in April.

Infinite Rush is a follow-up to Bentley’s Infinite scent, released last year. Bentley has seen annual updates to its fragrance collection since it first launched in February 2013 (see story).

Bentley’s Infinite Rush shares a similar bottle design to the original Infinite scents, which combines curved and straight lines to evoke the shape of the automaker’s cars. To mimic the feel and look of earth, Bentley has treated the glass with a crackling varnish, which creates a unique pattern on each bottle as it reacts.

The bottle’s earthiness is counteracted with silvery metallic details, including the cap and a plaque.

Inside the bottle, the fragrance begins with top notes of pink peppercorn and mandarin orange, meant to capture the feeling of adrenaline. From there, the heart is a resin of lemon, fennel, pepper and incense, along with vetiver and cedar.

Base notes include amber wood, musk and tree moss, adding a layer of mystery to the spicy mixture.

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