Bombay Sapphire springs into summer at Sydney Airport

Bombay Sapphire springs into summer at Sydney Airport

As Australia gets set to spring into the peak gin and tonic summer season BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, HEINEMANN Australia and Sydney Airport have partnered to launch a stunning avant-garde pop up, where travellers can even create their own BOMBAY SAPPHIRE cocktails.

The 360 immersive experience invites travellers to explore the magical and aromatic world of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, the world’s best-selling premium gin, and its latest launch, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Limited Edition English Estate. The pop-up launched on 9 November and runs through to 6 January 2020.

The ‘Stir Creativity’ experience engages with the traveller throughout the travel journey at multiple touchpoints, including collaboration with social media influencers, digital displays on key transport routes into and out of the airport, campaign branding on laptop trays in the airport security zone and dynamic digital screens strategically positioned in the departures lounge. The campaign continues in airport bars and the AMEX lounge with a special focus on BOMBAY SAPPHIRE cocktails.

The key retail theatre is in Terminal 1, inside HEINEMANN Tax & Duty Free after security, where colourful signposting and brand engagement mirror the passenger journey, first welcoming them to a neon glasshouse, a surprising and engaging disruption on their journey. This is a contemporary re-interpretation of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE distillery’s famous glasshouse at Laverstoke Mill in the heart of the English countryside. Stepping inside, you are instantly drawn to a captivating display of cascading vapour droplets that also reveal the subtle aromas of the botanicals used in the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE recipe.

Moving on through the space, the multi-sensorial story brings the sound of streaming water as vapour diffuses from a botanical fountain, engaging travellers with the essential recipe highlights in BOMBAY SAPPHIRE English Estate. Launched in June 2019, this limited edition is a summer-inspired gin capturing the essence of the English Countryside that surrounds Laverstoke Mill.

The ultimate finale is the chance to create your own cocktail, including an expertly-guided sampling of variations on the perfect BOMBAY SAPPHIRE & Tonic or a BOMBAY SAPPHIRE English Estate cocktail, with a choice of aroma profiles dispensed from vapour taps as the perfect finishing touch. On several days, there are guest appearances from some of Sydney’s leading bartenders to inspire consumers with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE recipe ideas to download from a QR code to take away and try at home or on holiday.


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