Bottega reveals Rainbow Prosecco just in time for your Halloween Party

Bottega reveals Rainbow Prosecco just in time for your Halloween Party

On the occasion of Halloween, Bottega, winery and distillery from Treviso area (Italy), promotes Accademia Rainbow Prosecco, a collection of bottles, designed to celebrate parties and special events.

Accademia Prosecco Rainbow is an innovative project whose primary objective was to create a series of bottles, characterized by ad hoc colours to celebrate anniversaries and events. An innovative proposal that has aroused the interest of consumers in Italy and in many other countries.

Halloween 2020, in full compliance with the precautions that the pandemic imposes, can therefore be enriched not only by traditional carved pumpkins but also by a series of orange and black bottles, which interpret the reference colours of the craziest event of the year.

The collection of bottles, in addition to orange and black, includes the following colours: red, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. It is a tribute to the Venice carnival and its unique atmosphere.

It is no coincidence that Venetian glass has been produced for over 1,500 years. And Venice, which immediately recalls the artistic tradition of blown glass, boasts at the same time a long history of innovation in glass processing. In this context, the lagoon city was the first major production center in Europe.

Accademia coloured bottles are inspired by this historical legacy and the resulting artisan culture.

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