Dolce & Gabbana seduces with new Passionlips makeup line

Dolce & Gabbana seduces with new Passionlips makeup line

Giulia Maenza goes seductively glam with a look featuring the perfect powerful red lip. She is the queen of her everyday life with the new Dolce & Gabbana Make Up line. #BEAQUEEN


From a whisper to a kiss, the lips represent life’s most passionate moments. Dolce & Gabbana Beauty introduces a new captivating lip pen: Passionlips. With an ultra-innovative matte formula, combining exceptional comfort with intense colours and two new attractive finishes all together in a taking on-the-go packaging to fit a life filled with passion. With just one glide across the lips, the lip pen delivers intense colour such as the luminosity of Gold Touch, the warmth of Pure Nude, the radiant femininity of Fuchsia Crush, the drama of #DGAmore and the deepest purple of Forever Dahlia. Some of the shades come in a sleek, ultra-matte finish, while others appear as an intriguing sparkling matte that lasts all day. In common with all Dolce & Gabbana Beauty lip products, the Passionlips formula contains the Mediterranean Glow Complex delivering proven skincare benefits. And as final touch, a scent of vanilla just made for passion.


Created for women who want to live and enjoy every moment of passion.


– Easy and intuitive application

– Portable & life-ready packaging

– Intense and long-lasting colour with a matte or sparkling finish.

– A blend of natural extracts that gives comfort and care including fig extract, olive oil and hyaluronic acid.

The new campaign is a playful mix of personality and style, where Dolce & Gabbana’s energy is captured in a series of lively images. Bringing together many of Dolce & Gabbana Beauty’s most iconic faces, the campaign features an inclusive medley of women who reflect vibrant looks, lifestyles, cultures and ages. Each stunning woman incarnates a luxurious make up style, bringing her own unique touch and point of view.

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