Bulgari celebrates the most precious stones in the world in all their splendour with its new trilogy of fragrances, Le Gemme Reali.

Made with the finest of raw materials and perfected with Bulgari’s savoir-faire, Le Gemme is a tribute to colour, light and emotion. Let yourself be taken on an olfactory journey that retraces the Silk Road and evokes an opulent world of spices and precious stones.

Le Gemme already has the Masculine, Orientali and Imperiali fragrances in its portfolio and now, the maison has just added a trilogy of scents, titled Le Gemme Reali, that represent gems of nature – sapphire, emerald and ruby.

A nod towards Empress Theodora, the scents are infused with rare ingredients resulting in three one-of-a-kind fragrances, all crafted by master perfumer Alberto Morillas.

“I constructed this trilogy around the sapphire, emerald and ruby, inspired by the way Bulgari cuts and polishes them,” explained Morillas. “I blended the ingredients to echo the work of the maison’s master goldsmiths who flawlessly set the stones in gold. I wanted to recreate this apparent simplicity with excellent quality products and through the colour and the individual vital force it symbolises.”

Created with luxurious ingredients and intense colours (sapphire blue for Nylaia, emerald green for Veridia, ruby red for Rubinia), each scent comes complete with a meaning.

Nylaia has been designed to pay tribute to the land of Kashmir, home to stunning sapphires, through the extracts of blue iris, jasmine sambac, benzoin, ambergris and white musk accords, whilst the Veridia scent is reminiscent of the Byzantine imperial gardens with the emerald complemented by notes of bourbon vanilla, patchouli, incense tears and galbanum. The Rubinia fragrance is a perfect combination of an oriental yet sweet offering with tones of mandarin, sandalwood, tonka beans and copaiba.