Campari Group Global Travel Retail (GTR) unveiled an immersive, bespoke journey at Nice International Airport as the global film community gathered for the 77th Festival de Cannes, one of the world’s most anticipated and watched film festivals, held from 14th to 25th May 2024.

For the third consecutive year, Campari, the iconic Milanese aperitivo renowned for its longstanding connection to cinema, will be present again as Official Partner to the Festival de Cannes. As part of this prestigious partnership, Campari will host a series of exclusive events and activations in Cannes, including the coveted Campari Lounge, which will serve as a hub for filmmakers and celebrities.

With substantial media investment targeting almost one million travellers (as estimated by Paxsmart, May 2024), the Campari GTR team is amplifying the Festival experience with premium visibility from the first touchpoint at Nice Airport.

Biancamaria Sansone, Marketing & CCM (Channel & Customer Marketing) Director of Global Travel Retail at Campari Group, commented: “Campari has long been associated with the worlds of arts and the cinema. The Festival de Cannes is a wonderful opportunity to engage with travellers, heightening their awareness and connection to the event from the moment they arrive at the airport. This year’s activations at Nice Airport are designed to transform the travel experience into an immersive extension of the Festival itself.”

A Cinematic Welcome: Campari’s Red Carpet Unfurls at Nice Airport with Over 50 Welcome Banners

Upon arrival at Nice Airport, travellers will step into a cinematic narrative crafted by Campari, beginning with over 50 media banners, strategically positioned in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. These vibrant displays set the tone for a dynamic festival experience, seamlessly bridging local and global narratives. Campari is inviting travellers to discover more about local initiatives via digital consumer engagement, which takes the form of a QR code placed on some creativities. This code provides access to a curated bar map featuring Campari’s activated venues. The innovative approach exemplifies Campari’s commitment to integra ng digital enhancements with traditional hospitality.

The Grand Finale: Transforming Departures into a Cinematic Farewell

In addition, Campari has reimagined Departures at Nice Airport Terminal 1 with a “Last Red Carpet” experience before flying out, featuring visually striking creativities that mirror the climactic close of the Festival. Travellers can capture pictures while walking through this captivating farewell tunnel, providing a memorable conclusion to their festival journey. The red carpet also leads to the Lagardère in-store activation, serving as a portal to an immersive retail experience.

A Toast to Cinema at Terminal 1

A dedicated activation space within the Lagardère shop in Terminal 1 invites travellers to savour the rich, complex flavour of Campari through expertly crafted Negroni tastings provided by professional bartenders throughout the Festival.

At the heart of Terminal 1 Departures, Campari’s in-store activation within the Lagardère Duty Free shop offers unique engagement. Here, travellers are invited to sample a Campari Negroni crafted by trained bartenders, complemented by the opportunity to take home a signature Campari Negroni glass with every bottle purchase. To enhance the premium visibility, a limited-edition Campari Film Festival 3L bottle dedicated to the Festival is also on display.

Lastly, Campari’s presence extends beyond media spaces and in-store activation to Lagardère Foodservice concepts, strengthening the connection with on-trade outlets within the airport. This activation creates a festival atmosphere during moments of conviviality, allowing travellers to enjoy the Campari experience at various bars and eateries.

Victoire Gueugnier, Director Merchant Beverage (Duty Free) at Lagardère Travel Retail, commented: “By integrating Campari Group GTR’s iconic offerings within our duty-free and foodservice concepts, we are seeing a new benchmark for future activations in global travel retail that cater to travellers’ growing desire for culturally-relevant experiences. This collaboration goes beyond enhancing the airport experience; it represents our most innovative expression of how strategic partnerships can elevate the consumer journey, turning every interaction at the airport into a memorable part of the Cannes Film Festival excitement.”

As the Festival de Cannes unfolds, Campari Group GTR invites all attendees and travellers to engage with the activations dedicated to the world of cinema that Campari passionately celebrates.