Chloé’s fragrance line was recently expanded with Chloé Rose Naturelle, a product designed to have a lower impact on the environment. Now the range welcomes an even more powerful version, Chloé Rose Naturelle Intense, an Eau de Parfum that exalts the rose more than ever – the flower emblematic of the line.


In the quest to lower environmental impact and use natural ingredients wherever possible, Chloé Rose Naturelle Intense is formulated with 100% natural-origin fragrance, alcohol, and water. Nothing else. It is free from artificial colorants and is vegan.

Chloé took special care when sourcing the Eau de Parfum’s main ingredients; the rose is organic and the oak essence is extracted from upcycled wood in the timber industry.

This new woody rose scent was created by perfumer Alexis Dadier. A sweet, fresh bergamot makes a debut in the composition. In its wake comes a pure and light neroli with hints of petals; followed by a noble and refined essence of organic rose; a distinctive note tinted with a slightly smoky and vanilla-tinged oak wood. A base of creamy sandalwood lends fullness, while a touch of cedar steeps the fragrance in a timeless elegance.


From its architectural lines and feminine grosgrain bow to its contours reminiscent of Chloé’s sunray pleats, the new Eau de Parfum is housed in the instantly recognisable bottle of the Chloé Signature line. Only now with a distinguishing feature: a new leafy green – a symbol of nature – adorning the ribbon and the box.

The Chloé Signature bottle has been revamped to reduce its environmental impact. Recycled materials now represent 25% of the glass and 40% of the cardboard used for the box. The ribbon is made with 100% recycled polyester.


Chloé Rose Naturelle Intense is available in three sizes: 30, 50, and 100ml. Pursuing its initiatives to reduce environmental impact, the Maison has developed a refill system made of 100% recycled aluminium that is compatible with the 100ml bottles.

Once the bottle is empty, the pump can simply be unscrewed to replenish the perfume. The refill is attached directly to the neck of the bottle and stops filling automatically to deliver the right amount of fragrance.


“My nature, my strength”: that is the motto of the Chloé woman embodied by British actress Lucy Boynton. Words that take on full meaning in the shot captured by photographer Karim Sadli for Chloé Rose Naturelle Intense. Set against the backdrop of a radiant sky and sun-kissed vegetation, the heroine appears before the lens, gentle but determined. Taking us back to only the essentials, she resonates with a confident, authentic femininity relieved of all artifice. The Chloé spirit, in its purest form.