BOSS Parfums takes the powerful game of seduction to the next level with the introduction of BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE: the two new, intensely seductive fragrances for him and for her.

Building on the global success of BOSS THE SCENT and BOSS THE SCENT for her, BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE represents the next chapter of the seduction story, where the intensified power of the scent reveals itself to the BOSS Man and BOSS Woman as their senses respond to its all-consuming strength.

A sensorial story of seduction
Ignited by the allure of the other’s fragrance, the protagonists’ sense of sight, sound and smell become heightened and intertwined. As they engage in a powerful game of equals, the journey of seduction takes on a new, intense quality, and the intimacy builds; BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE revealing its incredible potency the closer they get.

Sight: Head-turning captivation
The journey of seduction begins when their eyes lock together. After scanning the room he finds himself in, he sees her – but she is already staring at him intently. They are mesmerized, the world surrounding them fading into the background as they move magnetically towards the other.

Sound: Intimacy builds
Now close together, the thrill of each other’s presence becomes electric. He moves his face towards hers, pausing to feel the warmth of her cheek against his own. He whispers to her and she begins to speak, the anticipation of getting closer magnified by the sound of their voices and the exhilaration of their exchange.

Smell: Intensity takes over
The closer they get, the more captivated they become. Suddenly, desire takes hold as they are triggered by the intoxicating power of BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE. He breathes her scent in, as she does the same with his, evoking their passion for one another. As their senses intertwine, both protagonists allow themselves to be consumed by the intensity of BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE.

The campaign
British actor Theo James and German model Anna Ewers reprise their roles as the ultimate embodiment of the BOSS Man and Woman in an enthralling new digital campaign shot by Guy Aroch. Bringing to life the impact the intensity of the fragrances has on their senses, the campaign features an arresting video content series that sees the protagonists’ experience a heightened reality where the intoxicating power of

BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE takes over. A new print campaign captured by internationally renowned fashion photographer duo Inez & Vinoodh will also complement the current TV campaign shot by Darren Aronovsky.

The fragrances
For him, stimulating spicy ginger top notes are intensified by the addition of cardamom. At the heart, exquisite notes of exotic maninka fruit are amplified for maximum effect, while the new addition of vanilla at the base combines with the richness of leather to increase the scent’s magnetic strength.
For her, irresistibly fruity top notes of honeyed peach are heightened to meet with the heady oriental osmanthus flower absolute that entices at the heart. The rousing aphrodisiac base of dark roasted cocoa is intensified to enhance its unquestionably alluring power, while notes of vanilla further enrich its elegant and sensual beauty at the base.
Through the higher oil concentration of the two new Eaux de Parfum, the fragrances create an irresistible attraction between the BOSS Man and Woman, entering their sensory world and leaving an enduring mark in the game of seduction.

Launching August 2017, the campaign invites consumers to get closer and experience the new, intensely seductive power of BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE for themselves.

BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE will be available in duty-free as follows;
Europe : JUNE – Heinemann exclusively, JULY – Rest of Europe
Americas: JULY

BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE is available as an Eau de Parfum in the following sizes: 50ml and 100ml
BOSS THE SCENT INTENSE for her is available as an Eau de Parfum in the following sizes: 30ml and 50ml.

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