Clarins launches ‘My Clarins’ youth beauty regime & products – with World Duty Free

Clarins launches ‘My Clarins’ youth beauty regime & products – with World Duty Free

Beauty brand Clarins has created a new product range dedicated to skincare for teens and young adults – My Clarins is now launching with World Duty Free.

My Clarins – The all-new generation of skincare for 18 – 29 years old! Here’s what the brand has to say about their new range:

Powerful plant and fruit extracts for a glowing, happy complexion.

What wouldn’t you give for a skincare routine that drenches your skin in nature-given goodness, right?
One that’s kind to the world around us and can keep up with your day:
we’re talking a 7 AM alarm through to a lunch with friends, date night and finally catching those ZZZ’s past midnight?

We’ve got you.


We believe that beautiful, healthy skin should only ever be a swipe away. That’s why we created our new vegan skincare range – packed to the brim with healthy, natural ingredients and created with happy skin in mind.

Our My Clarins treatments can be applied every day, no matter your skin type and whatever your nature. We think it’s fair to say that achieving flawless, healthy-looking skin has never been this easy.

We’re dedicated to including only the best ingredients that nature has to offer. Our formulas are full of plant and fruit extracts as well as our new Healthy Skin [In & Out] Complex made up with nourishing organic coconut water and detoxifying alpenrose extract.
This combination helps your skin soak up the good (hello vitamins and minerals) and banish the bad (bye bye pollutants and impurities).
After years of refining, we’ve developed vegan skincare that’s steeped in 88%* ingredients of natural origin.
Our fabulous formulas contain ingredients such as energy-boosting organic goji berry extract, detoxifying moringa extract, radiance-boosting acerola seed extract, soothing shea butter, moisturising fig extract and many more. The power of nature, right?

* Excludes PORE-LESS and CLEAR-OUT targeted treatments

Our new My Clarins range is designed for the woman under 30 who wants to get her glow on. Find out which of our products are best to use in the morning, before going to bed or whenever you fancy to help your skin achieve that next-level happy and healthy complexion.

My Clarins will make your skin swoon. Want to get rid of shine that seems to follow you around all day? Done. Needing some TLC for sensitive skin? Sorted. Just after something so deliciously natural that your skin will drink it up? It’s all here – and suitable for all skin types.

With comforting hydrating face creams, a refreshing face mist and a soothing gel cleanser, the My Clarins range is just what your skin’s been craving. Like a spa in a jar, we’ve formulated each product to answer to your skin care problems. Your good-to-glow skincare routine starts now.

At My Clarins, we strongly believe that glowing skin should go hand-in-hand with a glowing conscience.
That’s why we ensure that each ingredient within our vegan-friendly skincare formulas is as cruelty-free and organic as possible.

To do this, we work with suppliers we wholeheartedly trust and who can verify the traceability of each and every ingredient. If they can’t, we don’t use it.

Eco-friendly packaging is also important to us. So all of our boxes are made of cardboard derived from sustainably-managed forests. After all, it’s our duty to ensure that what’s good for you is also good for our planet.

Good ingredients are what create effective treatments for your skin.

● Vegan Friendly

● 88%* natural ingredients

● Healthy Skin: an exclusive plant-based complex

● A plant-based anti-pollution complex

● No phthalates, no parabens or sulphates

● Our packagings favours recyclability and recycled materials

*Excludes PORE-LESS and CLEAR-OUT targeted treatments.


My Clarins Innovation

In with the good and out with the bad: the new plant-based Healthy Skin [In&Out] Complex does just that for your skin. It puts your cells back on the healthy path by only retaining what’s good for your skin.

Nutrition – Coconut water optimises cells’ nutrient intake (vitamins, minerals and trace elements)

Detox – The Alpine Rose Extract supports cell detoxification.

To complete your beauty routine

9 “healthy” recipes for your skin. Because it’s a lot like you! Your skin needs a healthy, balanced “diet” to look pretty and stay in shape.


Find out more about My Clarins here

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