Davidoff cigars has created a superb Leather Accessories Collection to delight aficionados around the world and to celebrate the festive season.

In the spirit of Davidoff’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality, this eclectic collection allows connoisseurs to discover Davidoff’s broad array of surprising cigar accessories and to fill their time beautifully- whether in moments of holiday celebration, sharing them with close friends and family, or enjoying them in personal contemplation at this very special time of the year.

This collection comes in five colors including a bright red and a fresh white. The accessories line includes state of the art humidors, lighters, cutters, ashtrays, and cigar cases, and are made from the finest buffalo leather, chosen for its gloss, strength and durability. Applying the same attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship that Davidoff dedicates to making cigars, the leather for these accessories has been tanned with vegetable dye using traditional and sustainable methods. The result is a superb quality of finish, giving the leather a grained structure but with a subtle glossy sheen.

Any item from the Davidoff Leather Accessories Collection 2014 would make an ideal gift for a discerning cigar connoisseur and guarantees to add a touch of contemporary flair to any home.

The leather humidors are particularly spectacular and have been designed in different shapes: the classic “Ambassador” and the timeless “Dôme”. The limited numbered edition “Office”, with a capacitiy for 50 cigars, comes in vibrant scarlet, designed for impact and to make a powerful statement. This is not a humidor for the timid but aimed at the bold connoisseur with the audacity and power to be truly original.

The technical perfection of the Dôme’s curvature is an artistic innovation worthy of the finest cigars and gives the humidors an elegant contemporary edge, transforming them into collectable designer pieces. It has a capacity for 50 to 60 cigars.

The “Ambassdor”, with its capacity for 70 to 90 cigars, has been created for those aficionados wishing to house a larger collection in optimum conditions with a tray and dividers for sorting and arranging the cigars. It is adorned with side handles as well as a lock.

The inside of each humidor comes in a varnished, exclusively selected Okoumé wood from Gabon, Africa, specially chosen because it is odourless to ensure that no external flavour or scent can permeate the cigars. Every Davidoff humidor is equipped with a state of the art self-regulating humidification system. This unique development creates or absorbs humidity as required and automatically guarantees the consistent quality of the cigars that it protects. All the fittings are Palladium-fitted to prevent corrosion.

The history of Davidoff humidors
Just like fine wine, premium cigars need to be stored in the right environment so that they emerge matured and improved. It was Zino Davidoff who first invested time researching and developing optimum ways to store the finest quality cigars. The time passed in the humidor while the aging process takes place, requires absolute control of humidity and temperature. Taking these factors into consideration, he built his first and famous cigar cellar in 1936. However not all connoisseurs have a cigar cellar at their disposal and so he pioneered the first humidor to allow cigar-lovers to store their prized possessions on a smaller scale.

For Zino, it was not enough to pursue excellence on the inside of the humidor. In 1965 he began to work with a skilled cabinet maker. These caskets were the first to display Davidoff’s desire to produce humidors fit to grace and enhance any modern and contemporary design environment. Davidoff humidors have gone on to be made by a variety of craftsmen and to set standards of aesthetic appeal which match those of their technological efficiency.

Innovation in the art and science of humidors has gone hand-in-hand in Davidoff’s opening up of the possibilities for humidor design. The Davidoff regulator, for instance, broke new ground with the first self-regulating system dispensing with the need for a controlling hygrometer.

Each humidor, like each cigar, is the product of time. Time painstakingly spent. Time lovingly applied. Time beautifully filled.

A lighter to ensure the cigars are lit with efficiency and style is a perfect present for aficionados. Davidoff has created its new leather-bound Prestige lighters with the utmost care. The base is made of one piece of brass and the tank is part of the lighter’s body ensuring there are no leaks and no plastic tank. The brass is cut into the exact shape of the lighter and even the lid is split up from the body, ensuring a perfect fit and unique match. Two opposing gas streams, which form a fan-shaped flame, ensure the cigar is lit harmoniously and effectively while the lighter’s weight and sensuous leather outer casing enrich it with the Davidoff seal of quality. The red leather lighters are available with a gilded as well as a Palladium finish.

Blade cutters
Davidoff’s razor-sharp double blade cutter has been redesigned with inlays of red and white leather, matching the humidors. The 21mm slim, lightweight cutter can encompass a 56 ring gauge and an integrated spring system provides balanced blade movement. When the cutter is not in use, the blades lock and are protected by the Buffalo leather cover. Made in Germany from stainless steel, the cutter is highly resistant to corrosion while its non-porous surface makes it durable and very easy to clean. This is the ideal present for the cigar aficionado who cherishes precision coupled with elegance.

The beautiful, leather-bound Palladium inlaid ashtrays are easy to clean with plenty of space to collect ash. It comes with a sliding cigar holder that can adapt to all shapes of cigar at any stage of combustion. The red leather ashtray is also available with a gilded inlay.

Cigar cases
Made in Spain, these leather cigar cases are ideal gifts and the perfect way to carry cigars. The cases are adjustable in length and come in three different formats and will protect your cigars (in cellophane) for ten days. The rich red and pristine, elegant white make these cigar cases unusual, original and desirable but the Buffalo leather ensures they are tough and will last way beyond the festive season.

Launch and availability
The Davidoff accessory collection will be available from November 2014 at Davidoff Flagship Stores and selected Appointed Merchants worldwide.

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