Dior teases makeup lovers with new spring collection

Dior teases makeup lovers with new spring collection

Dior has been using Instagram to taunt and tease makeup lovers with glimpses of the upcoming Spring 2017 makeup collection.

In the initial images there were various products on show and makeup aficionados were clamouring trying to figure out what everything was. There was a four-colour eye-shadow palette, a sugar lip scrub that got everyone excited (see post) and everything just took off from there until an interesting theme emerged – gradients, its all about gradation!

Dior Colour Gradation Palette – Limited Edition
001 Blue Gradation
002 Coral Gradation

Dior Nude Air Colour Gradation – Limited Edition
001 Radiant Nude
002 Rising Pink

Dior Blush – Limited Edition
002 Pink Shift

Dior Addict Lipstick
430 Peach Twist
559 Rose Twist
459 Coral Twist
760 Fuchsia Twist
850 Pink Twist

Rouge Gradient Ombres a Levres – Limited Edition
575 Pink
755 Red
975 Magenta

Dior Rouge Brilliant
047 Miss
468 Bonheur

Dior Mono Eyeshadow
391 Now

DiorShow Pro Liner
482 Pro Teal

DiorShow Iconic Overcurl Mascara
284 Over Night (Limited Edition)

Dior Vernis
340 Maybe – juicy peach (Limited Edition)
505 Early – bright yellow (Limited Edition)
800 Now – dark blue-green
873 Sudden – pink (Limited Edition)

Available from January 2017








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