Travellers can discover beautiful moments with a relaxing cup of white tea in the first Elizabeth Arden White Tea House, a World Exclusive Popup Concept debuting for the first time in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 Transit Departure Hall, next to The Shilla Cosmetics & Perfumes Central Store from 3 March to 13 April 2019. In partnership with Changi Airport Group and The Shilla Duty Free, the exclusive tea house celebrates the travel retail prelaunch of 2 new fragrances – White Tea Wild Rose and White Tea Vanilla Orchid.
A carefree afternoon, a good book, the first sip of tea… all simple pleasures, all intimately familiar. With the introduction of the first White Tea fragrance in 2017, Elizabeth Arden embarked on a journey to capture these simple pleasures in a pure and exquisitely uncomplicated fragrance. – Today, Elizabeth Arden is expanding the experiential collection with the launch of White Tea Wild Rose and White Tea Vanilla Orchid – for the women who want to revel in the moment.

As part of Elizabeth Arden’s commitment to continuously present memorable and coveted travel experiences, the White Tea House presents the unique opportunity for travelers to embark on a #WhiteTeaMoments experiential journey. Fragrance and skincare sampling takes on a new stage as they are presented to travelers “degustation style”. Customers get to experience the 3 scents of White Tea, White Tea Wild Rose and White Tea Vanilla Orchid before deciding on their complimentary cup of tea, inspired by each of the 3 fragrances. While enjoying the lightly aromatic flavours from a soothing cup of tea, customers get to discover Elizabeth Arden best selling skincare, plated beautifully in sampling portions. Customers can share their experience with other travelers via the Tea House message board. Remember the beautiful moments by taking a photo in front of a specially designed floral wall, and share with friends and family on social media #WhiteTeaMoments #Changi 1st. And get a free hardcopy photo Polaroid.

Stephane Bonnet, Elizabeth Arden Vice President of Global Travel Retail explains, “The White Tea House is an excellent way to kick-start the launch of our new White Tea fragrances. The tea house integrates beauty and lifestyle elements beautifully with various memorable touch points during the service journey. We hope the travelers will attach this pleasant memory to the subtle yet enchanting scents of Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea Fragrances.”

The exquisite journey rewards customers with a Changi Airport exclusive magnet and postcard set, designed in collaboration with Grace Ciao, an illustrator globally recognized for her delicate and chic fashion illustrations using real flowers and watercolors. The design depicts a modern woman in a dress created from wild rose, posing elegantly against a backdrop of pink roses and white vanilla orchids, symbolizing the 2 new pre-launch fragrances. Elizabeth Arden thoughtfully provides free mailing service for travelers who will like to post the memorable postcard to their loved ones.

The shopping experience in the White Tea House is further elevated by a fun tea blending activity where customers can customize their own White Tea blend to bring home in a personalized sealed tea bag upon purchase of a White Tea fragrance. This customizable gift is available only at the White Tea House in Changi Airport. “Personalization of gifts, either for yourself or for your loved ones is becoming increasingly important in the competitive and congested retail environment. Customers want to be part of the process of creating something unique for themselves,” shares Yumie Chia, Senior Regional Director of Asia Pacific Travel Retail Division at Elizabeth Arden.

“Changi Airport is honored to host the world’s first Elizabeth Arden White Tea House experiential pop-up concept, and be the first airport to launch the two new beautiful fragrances ahead of the rest of the world. Passengers flying through Terminal 1 can take a moment to indulge in the fragrance of white tea to ease the stress of travelling, and bring home some elegant mementoes from Changi Airport,” says Ms. Teo Chew Hoon, Group Senior Vice President of Airside Concessions, Changi Airport Group.

Mr. Phil Yoon, Managing Director from The Shilla Duty Free shares, “As The Shilla Duty Free continues to seek for innovative partnership launches, this collaboration with Elizabeth Arden provides a multi level engaging experience that will delight even the weariest travellers. A traveler’s buying behavior has evolved in marvelous ways. The concept of a Tea House is a great way to appeal to our increasingly sophisticated travelers and engage with them on both olfactory and gastronomical levels.”

Expertly crafted to evoke all of the different feelings you experience when taking a moment for yourself, Wild Rose and Vanilla Orchid join White Tea in a collection that celebrates the pleasure of a life finely crafted. Discover the simple joy of defining a moment for you and savoring the personal reflection that comes with it.

The Fragrances:

Pure. Exquisite. Uncomplicated.

White Tea

A crisp and vibrant floral with lingering warmth that takes you to a moment of blissful escape

White Tea is a refined essence with a clean sophistication. A serene landscape layered with bold light. Silky, vibrant, warm. Bursts of Mandarin orange trailing into soft, woody musk. Harmonious, fresh, and persuasively soft.

Top Notes: Italian Mandarin, Clary Sage, Sea Breeze, Japanese White Fern
Heart Notes: White Tea, Mate Absolute, White Iris
Base Notes: Madras Wood, Ambrette Seed Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute, Trio of Tranquility Musks

“For this fragrance creation, we wanted to capture that refreshing moment of blissful solace experienced at the first sip of tea. White Tea Vapors and Sea Breeze Accord develop into the sweet smell of White Iris before finishing with the warm wood scent of Madras Wood, Tonka Bean and a delicately blended trio of musks.”

– Perfumers & co-creators Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Guillaume Flavigny & Caroline Sabas, describe the inspiration for White Tea


NEW White Tea Wild Rose

A sweet, delicate floral nuanced with freshness that puts a delightful smile on your face
White Tea Wild Rose captures the soft surprise of wild rose at the edge of the ocean. A rising sweetness layered on a fresh breeze. Sensual rose bouquet crowned with fresh pear. Enveloping warmth and promise.

Top Notes: White Tea, Pear Tree Blossom, Red Currant, Palmarosa
Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, Blush Peony, Clary Sage
Base Notes: Radiant Musks, Mate Absolute, Tonka Bean, Sheer Amber

“Inspired by an enjoyable memory, when the air begins to warm up and the first rose blossoms of the season begin to bloom – filling the air with a captivating aroma. To capture that stunning moment of pleasure for this creation, we pushed the atmospheric floral notes of the signature White Tea and anchored them with the noble rose essences from both Bulgaria and Turkey to create an unforgettable floral signature.”

– Perfumers Guillaume Flavigny & Rodrigo Flores-Roux, describe the inspiration for  White Tea Wild Rose


NEW White Tea Vanilla Orchid

An opulent, innocent, alluring floral that brings you to a place of warm tranquility
White Tea Vanilla Orchid evokes the richness of a cool evening. Candlelight casts a warm invitation as shadows grow long outdoors. Vanilla infused with bright hints of lemon and quince. An invitation of warmth and comfort.

Top Notes: Lemon Primofiore, Bergamot Essence, Quince, Elemi Oil
Heart Notes: White Tea, Gardenia, Dewy Jasmin, Vanilla Orchid
Base Notes: Ambrette, Orris, Vanilla Essence, Amberwood, Musk

“In creating Vanilla Orchid, I wanted to capture the moment of pure tranquility and comfort, like cozying up under a soft blanket. The fragrance is a warm indulgence of soothing tea, sensual vanilla orchid and woody musks that blend together for a smooth and serene escape.”

– Perfumer Gil Clavien, describes the inspiration for White Tea Vanilla Orchid

Tall, refined bottles with clean lines and a white to clear ombré design convey the simplicity of White Tea, while cream, soft pink, and warm amber highlight each fragrance’s namesake scent.

Availability: Exclusive at Singapore Changi Airport beginning March 3, 2019 and internationally all Elizabeth Arden authorized counters from April, 2019, onwards.