Salvatore Ferragamo unveils Tuscan Creations fragrance compendium

Salvatore Ferragamo unveils Tuscan Creations fragrance compendium

Salvatore Ferragamo has launched eleven new fragrances for the new collection ‘Tuscan Creations’.

Tuscan Creations are a compendium of Salvatore Ferragamo’s aesthetic. The box shares the colours and materials of some of Ferragamo’s most famous and exclusive creations. Inside nestles a sleek and opulent bottle with a satin-finished gold plaque. Its cap is surrounded with genuine leather featuring double “ton sur ton” stitching and the distinctive mark of absolute craftsmanship, the gancino, Ferragamo’s signature logo.

The collection of luxurious artistic fragrances to tell the essence of Salvatore Ferragamo and Tuscany, the land that made it great.

Tuscan Creations are a compendium of Salvatore Ferragamo’s aesthetic. A sleek genderless bottle where the masculinity of the square base harmoniously blends with the rounded femininity of the body. The cap, covered in genuine leather with a double ton sur ton stitching, evokes the privilege of absolute craftsmanship with the Gancini, Ferragamo’s signature-logo.

The all-Italian names of each eau de parfum in the collection introduce stories giving off the essence of a land blessed by art and nature. Great traditions and masterpieces relive with each fragrance.


Tuscan Creations are available from 10th October 2018 initially exclusively at Harrods.


Rinascimento is an elegant, flowery perfume inspired by the ancient symbol of Florence, the lily. Created both for Ferragamo man and woman, it spreads a seductive aura, an unforgettable wake in the air.


PUNTA ALA – TOP NOTES starts with a cocktail of Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin Orange and a dash of Neroli Bigarade. The persistence of the warm HEART comes from a blend of Jasmine and Paradisone® enhanced by the green, slightly fruity notes of Olive Leaves. Cedar Wood gives a noble touch to BASE NOTES with Vetiver and Patchouli, wrapped in crystalline Musks.


Creating these notes was like immersing myself in tuscany, land of wonders and art. It was like walking in the countryside at sunset. My senses were enthralled by heliotrope and enchanted by the lilies.


Masters of the arts and trade during the renaissance, the Medici family’s identity was inextricably linked with that of the city of Florence. Its refinement and opulence were my inspiration for this perfume.


This fragrance reminds me of a vineyard where dozens of harvesters dance in the golden light of a late afternoon.


TOP NOTES are a fiery vortex of Bitter Orange Peel and sparkling Grapefruit illuminated by elegant Cardamom. In the spicy sensual HEART, the woodiness of Akigalawood embraces Nutmeg Essence and Chili Pepper Infusion. The noble Tonka Bean brings to BASE NOTES a balsamic touch with a symphony of Amber Wood, Vetiver Root and Leather.


The calimala guild was a window into far-off promised lands, sumptuous treasures, spices and fabrics with which the florentines filled their flamboyant markets. A true source of inspiration for this fragrance.


A quiet, dark, intimate, neat bazaar. With testa di moro I wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a workshop where craftsmanship joins cultural heritage into a masterpiece.


TOP NOTES of the purest Calabrian Bergamot, in light contrast with White Pepper and powdery Ambrette Seeds, recreate the luminosity of natural marble. In the HEART, a floral mix of Violet and Iris with White Heliotrope recalls the sensuality of polished marble. In the BASE NOTES, the warmth of Amber and Tonka evoke the unique elegance of Carrara marble, while the harmony of Cuir Velours suggests the malleability of marble under the chisel of a skilled sculptor, through the softness of White Suede.


TOP NOTES of Italian Bergamot, Grapefruit and Carrot Seeds strike like a fresh wave. The HEART beats with a Cypress Wood, an emblem of Tuscany, brightened by delicate notes of Jasmine Petals and sophisticated notes of Violet Wood. In the BASE NOTES, echoes of Cashmere Wood, Frankincense, and Ambrox leave a refined wake.


Terra Rossa pays tribute to the unique energy of Siena’s sun-burnt earth, where one the most important pigments used by artists since the renaissance comes from. A truly Tuscan treasure that made me choose the precious ingredients for the fragrance: my idea of Italian heritage that has turned into legend.

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