Everything starts with a why – YSL unveils Y

Everything starts with a why – YSL unveils Y

The new Y perfume for men by Yves Saint Laurent has launched – an authentic fragrance expression capturing the essence of modern men. See the campaign films and more below…

As previewed on Duty Free Hunter in July (see story) – Y pays tribute to the Maison’s founder, Yves, but also looks to engage with a younger millennial audience of creative and ambitious men. Its tagline reads “Everything starts with a why.”

Y by Yves Saint Laurent is not the story of one man but of a whole generation: a creative generation of men who dare to follow their passions and carve their own paths. From inspiration, through hard work and collaboration, to self-accomplishment and success.

The scent
Y Eau de Toilette for Men is a light & dark fougère fragrance, perfectly complementing the multifaceted personality traits of the Y man.
Bright and fresh at the top with geranium, lavender and white aldehydes, yet strong and sensual at the heart & base with balsam fir incense and tonka bean.
Y for men is the scent of freedom. This is a YSL men’s perfume which dares you to strive, and to accomplish. Everything starts with a why.

The bottle
Y Eau de Toilette for Men’s iconic bottle is an expression of modernity. A sharp & minimal design, sliced with the strong Y identity as a creative signature. An object to give you the power to create who you are.

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