Inspired by the spirit of jazz, this new Chanel makeup collection celebrates the boldness of blue. In the spotlight: a new plumping gloss for high-shine lips and daring eye shades to turn up the drama.

An exhilarating harmony, a fascinating rhythm in blue major, with its rebellious spirit sweeping away everything in its path. Soft and elegant in daylight, its tempo quickens at nightfall. Pure notes, improvised choruses, an explosion of saturated chords… Blue now interpreted as an electrified jazz score.

BLUE RHYTHM is a collection composed in a crescendo by the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio. Between eyes and lips, it performs the same electric note: that of volume, played in a duo and in contrast to subtly intensify the beat. Lashes set the tone: dressed in LE VOLUME ULTRA- NOIR DE CHANEL mascara, they do the full score. A first riff collides with bare lips under GLOSS VOLUME. The fast rhythm speeds up. Colour takes center stage. LES 4 OMBRES shadows blend together in a variation of absolutely modern themes. And nails insolently drum out a flight of bluish notes.

Soft, supple and melt-away, the LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadows shimmer in harmony. Exceptionally concentrated with pure pigments, the formula marks the rhythm with colour. In dazzling turquoise, midnight blue, sultry black and scintillating white, Tissé Jazz hums an exuberant tune. In a gray melody, Tissé Smoky revisits black, white and silver for eyes that are sheer or sculpted to the extreme. Shades and materials mix and match to your heart’s desire in a new composition.

Collection Blue Rhythm de Chanel Solo eye: Two chords of blue and black for a single playful range… From the crack of dawn till the depth of night! OMBRE ESSENTIELLE Swing is a smoldering starry blue that changes character depending on the light. OMBRE ESSENTIELLE Midnight is a luminous matte black sprinkled with silver. To adapt to your every inspiration.

Collection Blue Rhythm de Chanel illusion d’ombre: To add a touch of softness to this joyful agitation, ILLUSION D’OMBRE reinvents itself in a velvet version. ILLUSION D’OMBRE VELVET Melody, a subtly golden peach beige, offers a cream texture with a powdery feel. Perfectly matte, even and silky on the skin, it reveals understated shades. As the sun sets, ILLUSION D’OMBRE Mystério unveils a platinum effect with creamy metallic accents.

Collection Blue Rhythm de Chanel virtuoso blue eyeliner: Sometimes all it takes is a graphic line along the base of the lashes to get into the rhythm in the blink of an eye. The soft silvery gray tip of the STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Perle de Lune thrums a sensual song, while the shimmering metallic indigo of the LIGNE GRAPHIQUE Dream Blue eyeliner enhances bare eyelids and the sophistication of Noir-Noir stylizes a smoky eye. To harmonize with LE VOLUME Ultra-Noir and Blue Night mascaras or to mix and match for more creativity.

Collection rhythm de blue chanel mascaras: A glimmer on the lash tips. A final touch for electrifying eyes. CILS SCINTILLANTS Jazzy Blue is a turquoise blue mascara to sweep onto the lash tips.

Ultra-intense. Ultra-deep. Ultra-black. LE VOLUME ULTRA-NOIR DE CHANEL goes all out to light up the eyes. Its natural waxes guarantee intense volume and a texture that remains fluid. Its acacia gum builds instant made-to-measure volume, application after application, while creating breathtaking curl. Its exclusive patented brush curves each lash from root to tip. Its long rigid bristles coat and thicken, while its short supple bristles fill out and define to infinity. Suspended in a translucent base, its carbon pigments reveal all the purity of absolute black.

Application is simple, instinctive, radical. The black is so dense that the mascara seems to trace a line of eyeliner at the base of the lashes to fill them out even more. Lashes are coated with intense colour and volumized to the extreme. Eyes look wide-open, captivating.

Just as vibrant, LE VOLUME Blue Night opts for the elegant energy of magnetic blue. In one stroke, eyes are stylized, the white of the eye brightens and the colour of the iris pulses.

Collection Blue Rhythm de Chanel clear lip gloss: Elegant and mysterious, GLOSS VOLUME catches all eyes. Its graphic lines reveal a crystalline formula concentrated with absolute light. Its volume-boosting secret: an energizing mentholated shiver. Its formula contains pink peppercorn extract, which stimulates micro- circulation to revive the natural colour of the lips, emollient oils known for their hydrating properties and an antioxidant Vitamin E derivative. A single application illuminates the lips with mirror shine. Plumped for four hours straight,* lips are visibly smoothed, moisturized and enhanced. It’s that simple.

Collection Blue Rhythm de Chanel nail: Blue and nothing but blue… down to the fingertips! Two LE VERNIS shades echo each other as a highlight of the collection. Fortissimo, a deep navy blue, or Vibrato, an intense vibrant blue? Both, of course.

Available now from Chanel online, boutiques and travel retail counters worldwide.




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Photographer : Richard BURBRIDGE. Model : Sam ROLLINSON. Packshot photographer: Jacques GIRAL. All images © CHANEL