Gucci introduces A Floral Verse Eau de Parfum, a new blend of nature’s most delicate aromas from The Alchemist’s Garden. Embracing the interplay of light and darkness, this Floral Green fragrance gracefully captures nature’s poetic journey from dusk to dawn, showcasing an alluring combination of India’s Jasmine Sambac and Sri Lanka’s Black Tea.

The Alchemist’s Garden Collection

A customizable collection of eau de parfum, perfumed oils, and acque profumate (scented waters), The Alchemist’s Garden is inspired by the art of alchemy, with each scent built around a hero ingredient and linked to the distinctive codes of the House. Bottling the essence of nature into sublime distillations, the compositions are designed to be layered together, shifting and magnifying in character when paired with each other. The beauty of alchemy is in the transformation: layered scents that become new expressions of art and reveal the magic of unseen worlds.

Perfumer Alexandra Monet brought the enchantment of this magical process together with Gucci’s vision, adding her collection of memories and global inspirations into the creation of A Floral Verse. Exploring alchemy and rituals, she expertly weaves together the colours and symbols from The Alchemist’s Garden to breathe new energy into the collection’s latest fragrance.

The Alchemist’s Garden A Floral Verse Eau de Parfum

Celebrating nature’s mysterious harmonies, A Floral Verse draws inspiration from the moonlit wisdom of India’s Jasmine Sambac petals and the vibrant dawn of Sri Lanka’s Black Tea harvest.

The scent opens with Indian Jasmine Sambac, drawn from the night-blooming flower that is said to capture the secrets of the moon. It shines with fruity green nuances, infused with intense warmth and sensuality. At the heart of the scent, the Sri Lankan Black Tea offers dry, leafy accents, with smoky notes enhanced by fresh and spicy facets. Sri Lanka’s long tradition of producing the world’s finest teas is brought to the scent with the inclusion of black tea leaves, hand-picked every morning before the sun rises. Where darkness meets light, the Indian Jasmine Sambac and Sri Lankan Black Tea blend together to create an expressive fusion. Sealing the scent’s poetic rhythm is the White Musk base note. Created by pioneers in the field after 90 years of research, it features soft balsamic facets that leave a delicate and charming trail. Manufactured using alcohol made from 100% recycled carbon emissions, each layer of this fragrance unravels like a poem, inviting the senses on an enchanting journey.

Layering Tips

There are five recommended layering combinations for A Floral Verse, each designed to bring out the natural poetry of its light and dark facets:

– Amplify the scent’s allure by adding A Forgotten Rose, a perfumed oil that imbues the blend with the richness of Rose.
– Create a sophisticated, smoky trail with A Midnight Stroll Eau de Parfum. Its Incense Essence, combined with A Floral Verse’s Indian Jasmine Sambac and Sri Lankan Black Tea, will captivate the senses.
– Immerse yourself in a floral melody by blending A Floral Verse with A Song for the Rose Eau de Parfum. Enriched with lush Bulgarian Rose, it enlightens the fragrance, unveiling its blooming properties.
– Discover a sprightly aroma with Winter’s Spring Eau de Parfum and its Mimosa Absolute, which brings a vibrant harmony to the blend.
– Embrace nature’s deepest expressions with the combination of Ode on Melancholy perfumed oil and Winter Melody scented water. Woods and Cypress intertwine, infusing the blend with their resinous charm to create an intense fragrance.

The Packaging

A Floral Verse is encased in a green lacquered glass flacon that embodies the hidden wonders of nature. Gilded with decorative gold foliage loosely shaped like a heart, the top of the bottle’s pattern features the scent’s unique symbol — the golden cup — while a green bow is tied loosely at its base. At its center is the Gucci logo and the poetic name of the scent. The fragrance is presented within a green box and delicate green fabric pouch with silk drawstring.

The Campaign

The Alchemist’s Garden is a magical garden inhabited by colourful flowers and brimming with mysterious symbols, captured through the lens of Paulette Tavormina. Inspired by the opulence of 17th century still life images, the campaign presents a feast of billowing flowers and ripe fruits. Nestled within these shots is The Alchemist’s Garden new Eau de Parfum, A Floral Verse. A secret language for each scent in the collection is there to be decoded and interpreted, revealing an alchemy of elements and rituals that spans time and space.