Belgian chocolate brand Guylian will be launching both a new duty-free range and a reviewed Master’s Selection at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes next month.

Duty free range: rebranded, even tastier and more sustainable

Like air traffic, duty-free sales have also increased in recent months. A perfect moment for Guylian to announce the new look and feel of its new duty-free range, which is fully in line with the recently launched new packaging. Characteristic for this duty-free range is the blue-green colour which refers to the North Sea – where the founders in 1958 got their inspiration for chocolate seashells, the famous Brussels skyline in the background as well as the “traveller’s exclusive” stamp on the packaging. Furthermore, since September 2022 all Guylian packaging is 100% recyclable.

The recipe has also been improved. This new version contains whole and traditionally roasted hazelnuts and focuses on an intense taste experience. The number one change is that since June 2022, the chocolate brand only uses 100% Fairtrade cacao.

Master’s Selection: the pinnacle of exclusiveness

The Guylian Master’s Selection was also given a new, chic look. This gourmet souvenir fits perfectly in the premium segment and is an ideal gift to surprise your loved ones when you return home.

The selection was given a sustainable new look and feel and, thanks to the use of cardboard, is 100% plastic-free. You can choose between a 117-gram box with 16 chocolates or a 185-gram version with 25. The Master’s selection contains unexpected and exotic recipes, as well as more classic flavours like the original Guylian praliné, all inspired by the creativity and expertise of Guylian’s Master Chocolatiers. The delicate pralines are meticulously crafted with carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality, Fairtrade cocoa and do not contain palm oil or soy, in line with Guylian’s sustainability policy. Master’s Selection is exclusively available in the Travel Retail channel and duty free shops.

Duty free range and Master’s Selection: new chapters in Guylian’s sustainability story

Both the duty-free range and Master’s Selection are in line with Guylian’s recent and determined commitment to 100% Fairtrade. Thanks to this courageous step, $500,000 worth of Fairtrade bonuses will go to West African cacao farmers and their cooperatives in the Guylian supply chain. The cooperative will then decide how to invest the bonuses.

All new packaging is also fully recyclable. Guylian is looking for ways to further reduce the use of paper and plastic as well. Since the beginning of this year, the production site in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, has also been fully climate neutral, which means that CO2 emissions have been reduced to the lowest possible level and all other emissions are compensated. Finally, as of 2018, palm oil and soy are no longer used in the production process in order to act against deforestation.

Discover both collections here:

The wide Duty-Free range:

● The classic seashells: an all-time classic. Available in portions of 250 grams, 500 grams and a multipack 3+1 of 250 grams each. The entire box and sleeve are in cardboard, which makes all the packaging completely recyclable.
● The Temptations Mix with six delicious flavours: Original Praliné, Dark Praliné, Milk Truffle, Crunchy biscuit, Caramel, Coffee. Everyone will find something they like within this mix. Available in a cylindrical packaging with a stylish fancy new design for 316 grams of chocolate, and a paper – no longer plastic – bag for 522 grams of goodies. All packaging is fully recyclable.
● A multi pack that combines the famous praline varieties in milk and dark chocolate for all kinds of chocolate lovers. What’s different now? The mix only contains the best praline flavours and the sleeve is in cardboard. The Multi pack contains 414 grams of delicious chocolate and consists of two times 125 grams of seashells and two times Dark Praliné seahorses of 82 grams each.
● The Multi Pack Tablets is a collection of the well-known flavours of the classic Guylian Tablets in one mix. Those flavours? Creamy Milk, Salted Caramel, Dark 72% and Dark 72% Raspberry. From now on, and thanks to popular demand: with two dark chocolate tablets instead of one. Each tablet is good for 100 grams of joy and consists of four individually wrapped 25 gram portions.
● Taste all you can with Guylian’s popular classic Assortments Le Gourmet (215 grams) and Les Exclusives (305 grams). Les Exclusives also includes the Seashells, Opus & La Trufflina.

The six pralines flavours of Guylian’s Master Selection are finger-licking good:

● Coffee Cardamom – pure ganache enriched with coffee and cardamom from Guatemala
● Mocha – almond praliné combined with a mocha ganache
● Almond Praliné – almond praliné with pieces of caramelized almonds
● Caramel Pineapple – caramel with pieces of pineapple and flavoured with lemon
● Signature Praliné – Guylian’s famous hazelnut praliné coated in Belgian milk chocolate
● Orange – dark ganache with orange coulis

Both will be available exclusively in the travel retail channel and duty free shops from mid-October 2022.