Passengers travelling through Frankfurt Airport on St Patrick’s Day will be treated to interactive and engaging Tullamore D.E.W. promotions, courtesy of William Grant & Sons (WGS) and Gebr Heinemann. The activities, which are taking place in terminals A and AZ throughout March, aim to spread the spirit of courage and optimism of Tullamore D.E.W. Phoenix, a variant created to celebrate the return of Irish Whiskey distilling to the town of Tullamore.

WGS is encouraging consumers to engage with this positive view point, and become ‘optimistic ambassadors’. The concepts behind the two promotions allow consumers to spread a message of positivity in a variety of different ways.

Andre de Almeida, WGS Director Europe Travel Retail, says: “St Patrick’s Day is an important fixture in our calendar, so we wanted to come up with an innovative and memorable way to encourage travellers to celebrate it with us. Both activations bring a little piece of Ireland to the travel retail environment, helping to celebrate this most famous Irish day through Tullamore D.E.W. Phoenix. The concept behind these activations is optimism, drawing on Phoenix’s brand story – after a great fire that destroyed the town in 1785, the people of Tullamore could have given up. Instead they rebuilt the town bigger and better. It is this spirit of optimism that we want to bring to life in the airport with our two concepts.”

In Terminal AZ, consumers can leave a message of optimism on wooden blocks and add their block to a large feature wall. In effect travellers will be sharing their positive messages; in the same way as the town was rebuilt, the aim is to build a wall of optimism. The impactful wall is created from recycled timber sections and sits alongside a bureau that provides space for personalisation and story-telling. The area clearly announces Phoenix and the optimism that the brand stands for.

Terminal A features the Spirit of Optimism Peg Wall, which features the Phoenix motif dia-cut from copper for a truly mesmerising look. Consumers can use an app to produce their own printed message on a ribbon/band of positivity, which can then be added to the Peg Wall, allowing fellow travellers to read the messages left by others. Consumers that add their own message will receive the previous message left, to ensure that the spirit of optimism is shared amongst everyone.

Stock is made readily available in both promotional areas, with staff handing out informative and engaging leaflets. Consumers that created their own ribbon of optimism in terminal A can either wear it or use as a gift tag. Both areas offer consumers a sample of Tullamore D.E.W. Phoenix and offer a free gift with purchase of a 3x5cl Tullamore D.E.W. Gift pack.

Ann-Kathrin Fürer, Head of Activity Management, Gebr Heinemann, comments: “Partnering with William Grant & Sons in creating these two magnificent promotional areas was a pleasure. Without fail they come up with innovative and unique concepts, which is what we are looking for to help entice passengers into our stores. We believe that these two separate promotions will be a great footfall driver, increasing penetration into our stores and building sales of the spirits category.”

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