Shiseido Travel Retail has announced the expansion of its travel retail portfolio with the introduction of skincare brand Elixir, Japan’s number one skincare brand for 12 consecutive years.

Elixir’s anti-ageing skincare products strive to endow users with TSUYADAMA, which is the natural glow on the cheeks as a result of firm and transparent skin. Decades of collagen research has allowed Elixir to realise beautiful, ageless skin with TSUYADAMA, as if skin is glowing from deep within. Elixir is positioned as an innovative introduction to entry-prestige skincare, and is distinguished by Shiseido’s extensive anti-ageing and collagen research for maintaining skin firmness and transparency. The brand is making its debut in Travel Retail with King Power International at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on 16 March 2019.

Since relaunching in the China domestic market in 2017, Elixir has flourished – in 2018, the brand experienced +59% growth as compared to the previous year. Its growth in e-Commerce is also very promising, with +343% growth as compared to 2017. Leveraging the Chinese travel boom and Elixir’s success in the Chinese domestic market, Suvarnabhumi Airport was the natural choice for the brand’s launch in the channel. Thailand is the top country visited by Chinese travellers outside of China, while Suvarnabhumi Airport is the demographic’s second most visited airport . Throughout 2019 and beyond, Elixir will increase its presence in the Asia Pacific travel retail channel by expanding in China and Korea.

Philippe Lesné, President and CEO of Shiseido Travel Retail, said: “We are delighted to bring Elixir into our travel retail portfolio. The brand has enjoyed incredible success in Asian domestic markets, and we are now happy to present it to dynamic travelling consumers. At Shiseido Travel Retail, we are dedicated to driving category growth through innovation. We’ve seen a rising demand for luxury skincare products in travel retail and we believe that Elixir is well-positioned to fuel further growth through prestige anti-ageing products, at an accessible price point. There is major potential in the channel for this segment, so it’s an exciting step forward for us. Bangkok will be a great start and we look forward to rolling the brand out to more markets in the coming months.”


Susan Whelan, Senior Executive Vice President of King Power International, commented: “We are excited to collaborate with Shiseido Travel Retail to debut the Elixir brand in travel retail. We have a strong partnership with Shiseido Travel Retail and are very pleased to have this opportunity to introduce a new brand into the entry-prestige skincare category. We look forward to working with the Shiseido team to help Elixir achieve the same success in travel retail as it has in domestic markets.”


Elixir’s bestsellers include its Day Care Revolution, a protector with a high UV-ray protection of SPF50+ PA++++ and long-lasting moisturising effects; Sleeping Gel Pack, which is a gel mask used before sleep to heal the skin from damage caused during the day and to restore skin with lifting moisture and suppleness the next day; Booster Essence, a bubble essence which is the first step of the skincare regime, revitalises the skin and boosts the penetration of subsequent skincare products; and Wrinkle Cream, a retinol-formulated cream which has proven efficacy[1] in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

[1] Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has approved the Wrinkle Cream’s anti-wrinkle efficacy

These bestsellers are also #1 products in their respective categories in Japan. The Wrinkle Cream ranks No.1[1] in the anti-wrinkle skincare category and the Sleeping Gel Pack ranks No. 1[2] in the non-sheet mask category in the country. In China, the Wrinkle Cream has proved particularly popular among Chinese consumers. When it was launched in April 2018 on Tmall, a popular Chinese online shopping website, the product became the site’s bestselling eye cream within the same month.

[1] Shiseido Retino Vital Cream V (Wrinkle Cream) has been the number 1 anti-wrinkle skincare, from May 2017 to Dec 2018 based on Intage inc. SLI (anti-wrinkle skincare) /All Area (excluding Okinawa) / Market Share (Value)

[2] Sleeping Gel Pack (EIS Sleeping Gel Pack W) has been the number 1 non-sheet mask, from Feb 2017 and Jan 2019 based on Intage inc. SRI (mask excluding sheet type) /All Area (excluding Okinawa) / Market Share (Value)


Elixir’s counters in travel retail will bring the consumer on a journey which includes familiarising with, understanding and experiencing the brand. Consumers will have their experience enhanced through exploring the product testing bar and interactions with knowledgeable beauty advisors, who will be on hand to provide product explanations and recommendations. The elegant, gold-hued counters will also have bestselling items prominently displayed, and include moving visuals, product testers and gifts with purchase.         


About Elixir

Founded in 1983 in Japan, Elixir has always paid attention to the skin needs of Asian women, creating beauty products that are enhanced by technology. Elixir is dedicated to collagen research, to realise skin with TSUYADAMA to empower women with confidence.

Elixir Superieur and Elixir White are the core lines of Elixir – Elixir Superieur focuses on Anti-aging and Elixir White focuses on Anti-aging and Whitening.