Jo Malone London’s Poppy & Barley Cologne makes airport debut

Jo Malone London’s Poppy & Barley Cologne makes airport debut

At Jo Malone London, they have a habit of rewarding risk-taking and celebrating the unexpected. And so, when it comes to creating a new fragrance, they don’t start with the smell… they begin with the story. For what is a scent without a narrative, a point of view or a vivid picture? Poppy & Barley Cologne, with its colourful, cotton-soft heart, is a case in point.

‘We started with a picture in our minds,’ says perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui, ‘of rippling fields of golden grains in the heart of the English countryside at the end of summer. That beautiful place and time where rebellious poppies burst through. Immediately, I was able to bring all the senses together: smell, touch, vision. I love having a colour palette in mind when I work. It helps me create something coherent, something that has a sense of character and reality.’

Initially part of 2018’s English Fields Collection, Poppy & Barley has been brought back as a stand-alone scent, celebrating our British love affair with poppies and cementing our taste for the unexpected, with a twist of barley. ‘It was all about the contrast between vibrant poppies and nourishing grains,’ Mathilde says. A masterclass in perfumery precision, edible grains are balanced with white musk, notes of rose and violet, and topped with juicy blackcurrants.

“We’re celebrating our British love affair with poppies… with a twist of barley.”

Poppy & Barley Cologne was intentionally crafted to be layered with other Jo Malone London scents, and Mathilde recommends wearing it with ‘a spritz of Wood Sage & Sea Salt for a colourful, sunny and vibrant scent. I also like to layer Poppy & Barley Cologne with Myrrh & Tonka Cologne, which adds opulence, day or night.’ Take risks. Tell your own story through fragrance – plot twists, intrigues, romance and all.

Poppy & Barley Cologne
Iconic, vibrant poppies. Dancing in colour across England’s meadows. A lively floral scent, enhanced by rose and violet and topped with juicy blackcurrants. Borrowed from the succulent cereal fields, where grains and flowers mingle, our poppies are cocooned by bran and cotton-soft barley. This inviting scent is a living landscape: where colourful poppies emblazon the rich gold harvest.

Discover Jo Malone's Poppy & Barley collection at The Loop Dublin and Cork Airport. An inviting floral scent, captured…

Posted by TheLoop on Thursday, 5 September 2019

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