LOOK: Miss Dior and the must-have mist

LOOK: Miss Dior and the must-have mist

A new addition to the Miss Dior fragrance collection – this is a body mist that leaves you smelling and feeling perfect.

“The Miss Dior must-have mist is Dior’s latest skin saviour. It’s beautifully light essence aims to not only leave you smelling fresh but your skin hydrated and moisturised all day. “The silky texture of Miss Dior Body Mist develops a delicate trail, full of nuance. An intimate, more discreet approach to perfuming. A moment in the beauty ritual to truly connect with oneself,” says Perfumer François Demachy.


The famous fragrance and hydrating ingredients from the Miss Dior Silky Body Mist are also available in other sultry-skin products including a moisturising body milk, silky shower gel, deodorant, soap and hair mist.




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