Louis Vuitton has chosen Eve Jobs, daughter of the late former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, to be the face of its Twist bag for a winter 2022 campaign.

The pictures, which Ethan James Green took, show the model and the equestrian posing with horses and the iconic accessory.

The updated Twist bag comes with a new Lock Gourmette that has a jewel-like feature on the monogram engraving. This feature is part of the bag’s latest seasonal offering. The accessory is showcased by Eve Jobs in a variety of colours, including black, galet, white, and blue.

Fashion stylist Victoria Sekrier accessorized the Twist with denim, trendy separates, and dresses. Damien Boissinot, a hairstylist, works on Eve Jobs’ blonde locks while Hiromi Ueda, a makeup artist, gives her a dewy face.