Louis Vuitton has unveiled its Holiday 2022 campaign, which features plenty of snow and gift ideas.

The advertisements are set in a winter wonderland. Mathilde Brandi, Jade Nguyen, Klara Kristin, and other models celebrate the holiday season by striking poses against a dreamy backdrop.

The French luxury house offers a range of cold-weather designs, from printed snowsuits and long coats to snuggly sweaters. When it comes to handbags, styles like the Capucines, the Twist, and the Dauphine are available in a variety of colours, including metallics, pastels, and neutrals.

In the realm of footwear, Louis Vuitton provides both heeled and flat boots, which are complemented by sunglasses. In other news, Jennifer Connelly is featured in the advertisements for LV Cruise 2023 featuring futuristic designs.