Meet Louis Vuitton’s new bags for SS20: the ‘Blade’ and the ‘Egg’

Meet Louis Vuitton’s new bags for SS20: the ‘Blade’ and the ‘Egg’

A closer look at the latest Louis Vuitton Women’s Collection in Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière’s own words.

What is the inspiration behind this collection?
It reflects the somewhat forgotten period of the Belle Époque. Though relatively short, this period between the end of the 19th century and the First World War was one of France’s most prestigious. It was the time of Universal Exhibitions, such as the one during which the Eiffel Tower was unveiled. It was a time of excitement and tremendous change. It’s about revisiting all that. We wanted to explore notions about what’s outdated and old-fashioned, and nostalgia for a time we can only dream about, and how to make it all relevant for today. In particular, it was about looking at dandyism and these very particular snobberies that later would become what the world now knows as French elegance.

Please explain the accessories?
We have a new bag, the “Blade”, which is deliberately very classic, with refined signatures that reprise elements from trunks and have inner gussets of bracket-like precision. The “Dauphine” bag is revisited in new shapes and materials. There are also transformable pouches that become little backpacks, change purses… We have revisited shapes recalling the Belle Époque. The shoes are flirty little moccasins with brightly coloured patches. There are also brooches, flowers, cattleyas, and other orchids with incredible colours, a nod to this romantic period.

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