Prada has created many highly recognisable bags, including its Double Bag and the Lux Tote – and plenty more appear each season BUT the new Inside Bag for Autumn 2015, has sparked excitement amongst the brand’s fans and global shoppers not seen for quite some time.

The Inside Bag is going to be one of the IT bags for Autumn 2015, quite possibly the best-selling Prada bag seen in the last few years. The Inside Bag features a design twist: a carefully concealed twin bag sits within the outer-shell and peeks out just enough to give a beautiful look at the two bags. Industry insiders say the company needs a ‘hit’ and this could be it.

The bag is playful yet graceful and seamlessly combines classic touches with a dose of originality. The Inside Bag is unlike others out there, and while it stands out, it doesn’t go over the top in it’s design; it’s subtle enough to be a classic.

Prada offers beautiful colours, materials and combinations for the Inside, including crocodile, ostrich and calf on the exterior, which is paired with soft nappa leather on the interior to make each bag stand out.
This bag-within-a-bag shows off skilled artisanal work and is sure to make waves once it lands in stores around the world in the next few months.

The bag is available in three sizes, and all come with a shoulder strap. In the US, The Inside Bag starts at $2,600 for the small in nappa, $2,800 for the medium and the $3,100 for the large. Travel retail and duty free prices will vary by location and airport so please check with the retailer. Likewise, the bags are due in store from July but check with the individual shop to make sure they have the edition you want.

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Prada-Inside-Bag-Croco-Verde-Acquamarina-Detail-01 Prada-Inside-Bag-Croco-Verde-Acquamarina-Detail-04 Prada-Inside-Bag-Croco-Verde-Acquamarina Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-comb-02 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Pesca-Acquamarina-Detail-01 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Pesca-Acquamarina-Detail-02 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Pesca-Acquamarina Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-comb Prada-Inside-Bag-Croco-Cherry-Tamaris-_01 Prada-Inside-Bag-Croco-Cherry-Tamaris-Detail-04 Prada-Inside-Bag-Croco-Cherry-Tamaris-Detail-06 Prada-Inside-Bag-Croco-Cherry-Tamaris Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Cannella-Turchese-Detail-04 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Cannella-Turchese-Detail-05 Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-Acquamarina-Granito-Detail-02 Prada-Inside-Bag-Croco-comb Prada-Inside-Soft-calf-comb-011 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Marmo-Salvia-01 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Marmo-Salvia-Detail-02 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Marmo-Salvia-Detail-03 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Marmo-Salvia Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Tamaris-Pesca- Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Tamaris-Pesca-Detail-01 Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Tamaris-Pesca-01 Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-Acquamarina-Granito-Detail-021 Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-Acquamarina-Granito Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-Caramel-Anice- Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-Tamaris-Pesca-01 Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-Tamaris-Pesca-Detail-02 Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-Tamaris-Pesca Prada-Inside-Bag-Soft-Calf-Cannella-Turchese Prada-Inside-Bag-Struzzo-Caramel-Anice-Detail-02