Moncler has inaugurated its first monobrand boutique at Zurich International Airport.
With this opening, Moncler says it “marks a further step in the travel distribution channel while strengthening its presence in some of the most important cities worldwide.”

The boutique successfully reflects Moncler’s haute montagne aesthetic and vision, whilst remaining true to the Maison’s roots and heritage. Elegant black brushed wooden boiserie contrasts beautifully against striking walls including a mix of white and dark Arabescato marble and grey silk with a wooden frame for the ceilings; all contributing to a unique atmosphere, synonymous of the Moncler brand.

The boutique houses all Moncler’s collections.

Flughafen International Airport
Room 1-024, Departure Level 1
Zurich, Switzerland

Moncler’s sales network now includes 197 single-brand stores and 61 shop-in-shops.