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Moncler embarks on an expedition of the senses with debut fragrance campaign

Moncler embarks on an expedition of the senses with debut fragrance campaign

Towards the southernmost point of the South American continent, at the gateway to Antarctica, Moncler invites you on a cinematic expedition of the senses to discover Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme in the House’s first-ever fragrance campaign.

Directed by Terence Neale and starring American actor Karl Glusman alongside Chinese model Mao Xiaoxing, the short film follows a troupe of explorers on a mythic quest for the Moncler fragrance bottle, following a winged spirit guide towards a mysterious portal. Across snowy mountains and into an ice cave glittering with stalactites, the explorers push forward on foot –facing the elements in an epic display of human strength and determination. Like a silvery, ethereal guide, the oracle – embodied by a majestic snowy eagle – leads the party onwards through the dripping cave and back out into a clearing, where a monolithic column draws our gaze to its frost-covered façade.

Taking the lead, Karl Glusman reaches out to touch its crystalline surface, unlocking the immense power of the mountain with the palm of his hand. “All of my senses were firing,” says Karl Glusman. “My eyes could hardly believe the other-worldly beauty of this dramatic landscape, and the sound of the wind against the snow and rocks up on the glacier transported me.” His daring gesture sends us freewheeling through time and space, transporting us to a veritable ‘genesis’ moment before revealing the flask-shaped Moncler bottle that materializes from beneath the ice. “This place is truly magical,” he continues, “The ice cliffs were completely transparent like glass and there were fascinating fossils and bubble formations caught in the ice.”

Once the ice melts, the bottle appears in sharp relief – its ribbed silver case and cap a utilitarian echo to the House’s mountaineering origins and the iconic quilted construction of a MONCLER jacket. As the mirrored ‘borraccia’ flask shines in the bright sunlight, Mao Xiaoxing turns to discover the landscape carved away into a valley of bottles. Abundance springs from the wintery landscape as the scale shifts from the larger-than-life bottle to a veritable field of mirrored jewels stretching out into the distance. “This was a journey to explore the unknown,” says Mao Xiaoxing. “As human beings we are naturally afraid, but so curious about the unknown, so somehow, we are always willing to accept a challenge. I think you will never feel the light in darkness and the beauty in danger until you really walk down the edge of an ice cliff!”

Set around Ushuaia on the ancient archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, or the ‘land of fire,’ in Argentina, the location presents the extreme, unbridled beauty of mother nature and its collision with modern technology. The mountains themselves become protagonists in this breath-taking scenery, where the particularity of the region offers extreme and poetic contrasts of color and texture – from the blinding white snow to the rich dark textures of soil and tundra. “I felt so alive on the glacier,” says Karl Glusman. “Sometimes you have to jump out of your comfort zone to really feel that sense I’m referring to.”

The real-world production value of the inaugural Moncler fragrance campaign is an unprecedented step in the worlds of fragrance and luxury, as the House harnesses the raw, unbridled beauty of some of planet earth’s most inaccessible terrain and combines it with cutting-edge CGI technology to create a hybrid experience of hyperreality. With a supercharged imagination, Neale’s sweeping cinematography questions the boundaries of human perception, tapping into our collective consciousness to imbue the bottle with talismanic qualities and evoking our relationship to perfume through sensory metaphors and gestures. Throughout the film, amidst the breath-taking vistas of the subpolar environment, Karl Glusman, Mao Xioaxing and their fellow adventurers reflect their surroundings in custom silver Moncler all-weather suits, embodying the duality of cocooning warmth and crisp, alpine notes that define both fragrances. “I felt protected, like an explorer stepping into the future, shining in the white of the snow,” says Mao Xiaoxing, of the cocooning warmth of her bespoke MONCLER outerwear. “It felt like we were on another planet, especially in our custom chrome puffers,” says Karl Glusman.

Location: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Director: Terence Neale Creative Direction: General Idea (NYC)
Key Talents: Karl Glusman, Mao Xiaoxing

A floral woody musky fragrance, Moncler Pour Femme is the work of perfumers Nisrine Grillié and Quentin Bisch. Containing a pair of custom accords designed exclusively for Moncler, the fragrance opens with the crisp, bright sensation of a Powdery Snow accord – reminiscent of the evanescent beauty of freshly fallen snow. Lifted with the radiance of Italian Bergamot, it evolves through a bouquet of white florals – Jasmine Sambac and sweet Heliotrope – to plunge headfirst into the warm embrace of the exclusive Mountain Woods accord, exclusive to Moncler, this base note envelops the wearer, mingling the seductive essences of amber, cedarwood and sandalwood. Its luxurious and heady dry down fuses with natural vanillin, for a feminine allure that lingers well after dark.

Moncler Pour Homme is a woody aromatic fragrance created by perfumers Antoine Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud. Capturing the vibrant natural beauty of an alpine forest, this enveloping fragrance contains an unprecedented saturation of woody notes. Starting with the exclusive Alpine Green accord for Moncler that, combined with the energizing freshness of Clary Sage, lifts the fragrance through a leafy expanse of mountain pines. Warming directly through a profusion of Cedarwood, the Mountain Woods accord takes ultimate precedence in this bold scent, forming a cocooning, earthy drydown of grand proportions when fused with the smoky magnetism of Vetiver.

At the vanguard of modern perfumery, Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme combine an indulgence of natural ingredients with cutting-edge olfactive technologies and radical industrial design. Daring, elegant and surprising, each unique fragrance is an adventurous, sensory experience and an inviting portal into the Moncler world.

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