Montblanc reveals Bonheur – stylish, curvaceous writing instruments for today’s woman

Montblanc reveals Bonheur – stylish, curvaceous writing instruments for today’s woman

Montblanc unveils the new Bonheur collection of writing instruments for stylish women around the world.

When women abandoned their corseted and restrained elegance in the 1920s for more comfortable and simple styles, they triggered an unprecedented fashion revolution. Liberated and independent, fashion visionaries adopted men’s clothing and created a look that was pure and practical so that they could move freely at work, at play and enjoy an unrestrained life. Rooted in the heritage of this unprecedented style revolution, the new Montblanc Bonheur collection epitomises the elegance and joie-de-vivre of the era with a new curvaceous shape, a first in Montblanc’s history. The innovative shape of the writing instrument evokes the silhouette of a woman unconstrained, carefree and effortlessly stylish.

Continuing a 110-year tradition of crafting elegant writing instruments, this latest collection from Montblanc captures femininity and freedom of style with its pure aesthetics and sophisticated detailing reminiscent of the roaring 1920s. French for joy, enduring happiness and luck, the name of the Montblanc Bonheur collection is expressed in the design of the Au585 gold nib with its delicate falling star motif, a reminder of the talismanic qualities of a writing instrument that celebrates good fortune. The striking black and white colour combination symbolizes both elegance versus function and the men’s styles that fearless women adopted as their own from boatneck sweaters, sailors pants to short haircuts. The cap and barrel in white precious resin contrast with the top of the cap and the cone in black precious resin. A reference to the Maison’s female lines from the 1920s, Montblanc has brought back the “teardrop clip” with its sensual curves, a perfect match for the distinctive shape of the writing instrument. The platinum-plated cap ring features the “Montblanc” lettering and a discrete pattern reminiscent of art deco jewellery gives the writing instrument an additional touch of femininity.

The perfect accessory to complement these feminine writing instruments, Montblanc has crafted a white sartorial pen pouch from the finest leather. The Montblanc Bonheur fountain pen, roller ball or ballpoint pen can be safely stored in this sophisticated holder.

As styles evolve, Montblanc takes inspiration from one of the most revolutionary moments in the evolution of style to create a writing instrument collection that pays homage to a life of freedom, happiness and simple elegance. Designed as a loyal companion to women in their daily lives, Montblanc Bonheur brings a distinctive yet effortless touch of glamour to the every day.

Montblanc Bonheur is available as a fountain pen, roller ball or ballpoint pen from January 2017 in Montblanc boutiques worldwide.

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