Patrón Spirits International has partnered with DFS Group to launch Patrón Extra Añejo 5 Años at Singapore Changi Airport.

Patrón Extra Añejo 5 Años is made from 100% Weber blue agave, which has been baked in brick ovens for three days. The limited edition, travel retail exclusive Tequila is only available in Asia through DFS.

The agave was then crushed using both the traditional ‘tahona’ process and a more modern roller mill method, before being aged for five years at the Hacienda Patrón distillery in Mexico.

Both “hybrid” new American/limousine oak medium toasted barrels and used whiskey barrels were used for maturation.

The resulting Tequila is described as “notably light in colour” with “intense aroma” and “complex flavours”.

“Extra añejo Tequilas are very difficult to create because Tequila that has aged for too long in the barrel can take on too much wood taste and lose much of their natural agave flavour,” said Patrón master distiller, Francisco Alcaraz.

“But through the years of tasting different wood types, combined with placing barrels in different microclimates within our ageing room, we have proudly created an extra añejo Tequila with just the right balance of wood that complements and doesn’t overpower the Tequila’s agave characteristics.”

Brooke Supernaw, DFS Group’s senior vice president spirits, wine and tobacco added: “Patrón’s Extra Añejo 5 Años’ unique ageing process, intense aroma and complex flavours has created a singular Tequila that we’re confident travellers in Asia will love.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Patrón to bring this rare extra añejo Tequila to Asia for the first time at DFS, Singapore Changi Airport and look forward to sharing its heritage and craftsmanship with our customers.”

Less than 500 cases of Patrón Extra Añejo 5 Años have been produced, with the liquid only available in global travel retail. The 750ml 40% abv bottle retails at Changi Airport at S$280 (about US$202).

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