Prada MOD tribe unveils summer eyewear collection

Prada MOD tribe unveils summer eyewear collection

Prada has unveiled its 1960’s Mod-inspired eyewear collection for summer 2016, with a digital film project. Take a look…

Popular in the 60s, mod fashion featured bold, vibrant colours and iconic symbols that resembled elements of pop art. It took the fashion scene by storm as many started dressing controversially, with males wearing coloured eyeliner and females adorning androgynous styles. This time, the mod culture has made its return in a subtler form, with the introduction of Prada’s latest eyewear collection.


Model Vanessa Moody perfectly encapsulates a reinterpretation of mod style in an exclusive digital film, showcasing a range of Prada Mod glasses that boast of the balance between confidence and elegance. Alan Sillitoe’s literary mantra “whatever people say I am, that is what I am not” shapes this collection with a sense of neo-realism and mystery, and the various designs are unveiled one by one in a series of eight episodes. The sophisticated and contemporary patterns of the Prada Mod glasses unveil a new fashion staple in town, for days when the sun is out, or simply when you’re in the mood for a statement accessory.

Go ahead and explore the world of the new Prada Mod collection below, available now at Prada stores and selected retailers worldwide.

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