For 2024, the Prada Galleria is given new life through intricate embellishments and materials, adding a stylistic edge to an already beloved design. Usability and functionality remain at the forefront, with added touches that meld fashion and function.

Just in time for summer, Prada gives its classic Galleria Bag new life through unique, interesting details. From fresh florals to fun studs, the intricasies of the newest Galleria Bags wow, and we’re giving you a closer look.

The Newest Prada Galleria Bags Are a Work of Art

Some bags feel as if the handbag world never existed without them. The Prada Galleria is one of these bags. In true cornerstone design fashion, the Galleria quickly became an icon within the Prada family after being introduced in 2007.

The Galleria is the type of bag that can fit every necessity. Usability and functionality are essential in this design, along with a stunning aesthetic deep-rooted in brand history. Named after the brand’s historic flagship boutique, opened by Mario Prada in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in 1913, the Galleria has often been reinterpreted to allow the bag to stay current to the moment, while remaining a staple in any wardrobe.

For 2024, the Prada Galleria is reimagined through intricate embellishments and materials, giving new life to an already beloved style.

One way to show the new take on these bags is by presenting them in an environment that matches their aesthetic – one that feels like a natural extension of the bags themselves. Nestled in Miami, right near downtown, is Vizcaya Gardens and Museum, a prime location to bring these bags to life and show off their intrinsic design and beauty.

The body of the bag is crafted from supple calfskin, offering a welcome tactile feel and luxe appeal. While the bag still holds its shape, the thick calfskin also allows some give, which elicits a fluid feel. This new material brings forward a fresh new element and adds a lightness to the bag.

All in the Details

The other additions that sit front and center are the embellishments. There is the offering of a more low-key but high impact micro-stud all-over application, made from metal hardware that is gold-plated. These transform the surface of the bag and tie back to Prada’s fascination with studs as decoration within its collections. Each bag has 3,108 studs, comprised of 0.30 microns thick gold.

The new extra-large size offered is especially ideal as a work or travel bag. It is available in both the studded and smooth calfskin variations and measures in at 28 x 40 x 17 cm.

As a tie in with the garden backdrop, there is a focus on the intricate leather working of the House, as seen in the three-dimensional floral blooms applied to other renditions of the bag. Each floral addition is hand worked, one by one, from fine leather and gives dimension to the bags. There is an offering of coiled rosebuds or varying sizes of anemones, my favorite being the white with yellow and green accents.

Prada Artisanship

The detail that goes into the floral renditions needs to be fully appreciated, and that can only happen by knowing the painstaking work that goes into each.

Depending on the size, either 5 petals or 6 petals create the anemone flower. Each bag combines 2 large flowers, 3 medium flowers, and 7 small flowers. It takes 40 minutes to build each flower and 7-8 hours to finish each embroidered frontal panel.

The techniques used to create these intricate designs are deeply rooted in the heritage and history of the brand’s artisans. Each flower is entirely handmade, and the petals are created inside out with a central seam, which is then turned over and offers further volume and dimensionality. The leaves further amplify the creation. After the central section is placed, the finished flower is applied by hand to the bag.

The anemone flowers have a leaf base, and atop that is the central portion of the flower, which is composed of leather strip that has been folded in half, cut out, and then rolled to add the tridimensionality you can see.

The artisanry of these special bags is what defines them most and seeing them up close has furthered my appreciation for every single minute that went into creating them.

Speaking of upscale materials, the bag’s interior is lined with nappa leather. A notable design element of the Galleria is the full zip front and back pockets on either side of the bag, allowing for optimum separation and organization. There is also an additional zip, open pocket, and removable and adjustable leather shoulder strap.

While the shape of the bag remains consistent, these styles are completely unique. The new variations evoke a strong sense of quality and dedication to craftsmanship, which define the Prada brand.