Royal Salute unveils two new 21-year-old whiskies (and an artistic refresh)

Royal Salute unveils two new 21-year-old whiskies (and an artistic refresh)

Royal Salute has launched two new expressions and re-branded its signature 21 Year Old scotch whisky in one of the biggest moves in the brand’s history.

For the first time since the brand’s inception in 1953, two new whiskies – The Malts Blend and The Lost Blend – have been added to the 21 Year Old range under the control of Royal Salute master blender, Sandy Hyslop.

The Malts Blend is the first blended malt from Royal Salute and has been made with more than 21 single malts, while The Lost Blend uses rare whiskies from distilleries no longer in production.

“The Malts Blend and The Lost Blend join our Signature Blend to bring even more choice for discerning whisky aficionados looking for an outstanding whisky experience,” said Hyslop.

“I wanted to create entirely new whiskies for the portfolio, while retaining the signature Royal Salute style. It’s incredibly exciting for me and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved.”

The whiskies are bottled in coloured porcelain flagons with sapphire representing The Signature Blend, an emerald flagon for The Malts Blend and an obsidian flagon for The Lost Blend.

Royal Salute marketing director, Matheiu Deslandes, added: “There has never been a more exciting time for our brand. With a bold new look across our packaging and the exceptional Malts Blend and Lost Blend joining our Signature Blend to complete the 21 Year Old range, we’re raising the bar for scotch whisky.

“Royal Salute has an esteemed history and we have worked hard to ensure this heritage has remained at the heart of the brand as something we are exceptionally proud of.

“However, we also strive to ensure our portfolio is at the cutting-edge of scotch whisky innovation and these latest creations are testament to this ambition.”

The Royal Salute Signature Blend and Malts Blend are available from select whisky retailers around the world and The Lost Blend was available exclusively at DFS’ Singapore Duty Free in May before becoming available in Duty Free stores around the world from July. RRP starts at USD $135.


Royal Salute is toasting an all-new look for its signature 21 Year Old Scotch whisky.

This showcases a contemporary take on its rich history with a colourful, enchanting depiction of the British Royal Menagerie that pays tribute to the brand’s royal heritage.

Created in collaboration with esteemed fine artist Kristjana S. Williams, the new packaging features a striking illustration that is part of a complete transformation for Royal Salute and a visual embodiment of the colourful, fantastical new direction the Scotch whisky is taking.


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