Salvatore Ferragamo’s Patchwork of Characters step out for Summer

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Patchwork of Characters step out for Summer

Salvatore Ferragamo enriches its Patchwork of Characters concept by uniting a diverse group of individuals to revel in the beauty of sun-saturated, midsummer Italy.

Last seen in the Ferragamo Christmas campaign the brand’s ‘Patchwork of Characters’ are now off enjoying some Summer sunshine…

Shot in the lushly cultivated gardens of a privately-owned villa, the campaign displays a group of far-flung friends coming together to enjoy the pleasures of Italian lifestyle.

“Harley’s beautifully shot images reflect what we know to be true about Salvatore Ferragamo: it is a house whose history of innovation and sophistication has earned it an international audience that spans both genders, almost every nation, and almost every age group.” – Paul Andrew.

The fertile gardens of the location mirror the lushly patterned palm print that runs through the collection.

The venerable location and the theme of togetherness reflect the prominence of Salvatore Ferragamo’s famous Gancini this season – highlights include the new Gancini monogram on jacquards and silks, as well as the Gancini hardware on shoes, eyewear and belts.

Creative Director: Paul Andrew
Photographer and Director: Harley Weir
Stylist: Jodie Barnes
Talents: Carolyn Murphy, Georgina Grenville, Fei Fei Sun, Binx Walton, Cara Taylor, Didier Vinson, Henry Kitcher, Daniel Morel




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