Set your style free – Lacoste launches new L.12.12 fragrances

Set your style free – Lacoste launches new L.12.12 fragrances

A new fragrance from Lacoste has landed – introducing the new L.12.12 inspired by the brand’s famous polo shirt.

The L.12.12 polo: the symbol of an athletic lifestyle invented by René Lacoste

When legendary tennis player René Lacoste reinvented his outfit to win with poise and style, defying the conventions of the 1920s, did he have any idea of the impact he would still have today on the lifestyle of an entire generation?

His stroke of genius: the creation of the iconic white ultra-comfortable polo shirt with short sleeves in petit piqué cotton for freedom of movement. Not to mention the famous embroidery that makes it instantly recognisable. Why the crocodile? This nickname ‒ coined by an American journalist because of his tenacity on the court ‒ stuck so well that the sportsman made an emblem of it.

Worn in a chic, casual, urban way, and featuring the crocodile, the white polo shirt is always on the move. Timeless, it freely reinvents itself with new cuts, fitted or oversized or even worn layered, under the impetus of Louise Trotter. The Creative Director of the Maison Lacoste knows better than anyone how to combine comfortable streetwear pieces with boldness and creativity, never losing sight of a certain sense of elegance. Having left the tennis courts to win over the city, the crocodile has become the rallying sign of the new generation. Each with their own codes, each with their own

L.12.12, the art of reinvention

The iconic Eau de Toilette for men is now complemented by two new, more intense Eaux de Parfum. Same name, same codes. The L.12.12 fragrances are worn like the polo shirt, on the skin, adding an extra layer to each style.

The iconic bottle is reinvented

The spirit of the polo shirt is omnipresent on the new bottle that has been entirely redesigned and brought as close as possible to its model.

As well as its polo shirt shape, the famous petit piqué is another essential element, on the front of the bottle.

Recognisable at first glance: the metallic ring, which takes on a darker shade depending on the fragrance contained within. Meanwhile, the embroidered crocodile on the polo comes in grey or pink for the Eau de Parfum or in iconic green for the Eau de Toilette.

L.12 12 Blanc Eau de toilette for him, a must-have

The very essence of Lacoste style is embodied by the L.12 12 Blanc Eau de Toilette.

This lively and surprisingly fresh fragrance reveals the confidence of those who assume their own sense of style and who move forward in life with self-assurance and a sense of inventiveness. Culminating in an elegant freshness, juicy Grapefruit and spicy Cardamon blend with Vetiver and a smooth and velvety Suede accord.

Two new Eaux de Parfum L.12.12 for her and him

For 2021, L.12.12 also features as Eaux de Parfum, more intense, in a blend of notes inspired by the iconic polo shirt of the Maison. In two olfactory creations by Marie Salamagne and Ane Ayo, the elegantly lightweight and breathable petit piqué ‒ invented by René Lacoste for greater freedom ‒ is transformed into two sophisticated fragrances, for her and him.

L.12.12 Eau de Parfum Blanc, for him:

For respiration: fresh notes of Caviar Lime and Eucalyptus.

For comfort: Cedar Wood and Pine Essence.

A far cry from pre-established codes, this modern yet timeless fragrance plays with contrasts to adapt to the wearer. Fine sparkling Citrus Fruits mingle with energising green notes. The woody warmth comes up against the freshness of Eucalyptus. All of this on a spicy base of comforting Cedar and Cardamom.

L.12.12 Eau de Parfum Rose, for her:

For respiration: refreshing notes of Mandarin and Mint Essences.

For comfort: elegant base notes of Musk and Rose.

Evoking the lightness of petit piqué, this elegant new perfume for women is a luminous flight of floral notes of Frangipane and Rose, boldly enhanced by green Mandarin and Mint on a comforting base of Musk and Ambrette. The pink bottle contains the luminous and fresh fruity-floral fragrance of a confident woman who enjoys freedom of movement and style.

The L.12.12 campaign

Not just muses: a talented crew

Five young talents make their entrance in boulevards, esplanades and the staircases of high-rise urban towers, passing the iconic L.12.12 bottle from one to another in a unique and joyful choreography.

Among these exceptional ambassadors, two models, Désiré Quadjo Mia and Maeva Giani Marshall, stand out for their sense of style and unvarnished beauty. Like Lacoste, both break the codes of the fashion world.

A moment of grace, a fleeting instant of suspended elegance: the dancer Hortense de Gromard brings a soft and very modern touch to the group.

BMX world champion turned legend, Matthias Dandois, spins his fixie bike with the greatest agility. Spotted in the streets of Paris before becoming a star of social media with his legendary Moonwalk, dancer Salif Gueye adds his sense of rhythm and jerky movement.

Five talents. Five radically different universes. Five styles… And only one polo shirt! Lacoste brings them together in a coherent and inspiring campaign, where each one, stirred by their passion, performs their own role, never losing sight of the force of the collective. Each to their own polo, each to their own style.

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